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Two topicals boost Botox treatment

Article-Two topicals boost Botox treatment

Omaha, Neb. — Botox users looking to enhance their skin appearance may want to try a new combination of two topical skin treatments, Medical News Today reports.

A new study, co-authored by Omaha dermatologist Joel Schlessinger, M.D., suggests that a specifically designed 4 percent hydroquinone skincare system in combination with tretinoin (Retin-A) further enhances improvements in skin appearance attained with onabotulinumtoxinA (Botox, Allergan). Applying the hydroquinone system plus tretinoin may offer multiple clinical benefits over standard skincare, including significantly milder fine lines/wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, according to the research.

In the multicenter, randomized study, 61 patients who had received upper facial Botox treatment were randomly assigned to use either the hydroquinone system (cleanser, toner, proprietary 4 percent hydroquinone, exfoliant and sunscreen) plus 0.05 percent tretinoin cream, or a standard regimen (cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen) for 120 days. Outcomes were assessed by investigators and through a patient questionnaire.

Compared with standard skincare, the hydroquinone system plus tretinoin resulted in significantly milder fine lines/wrinkles and hyperpigmentation at days 30, 90 and 120 and in significantly superior overall ratings for each of nine patient assessments at days 90 and 120. More than 85 percent of the patients in the hydroquinone system plus tretinoin group said their treatment had further enhanced Botox-attained improvements, as compared with 8 percent of the standard skincare group. Both regimens were generally well tolerated.

Medical News Today quotes Dr. Schlessinger as saying, “The new hydroquinone system is not only effective, it is also easy for patients to use, increasing the likelihood that they will be able to get maximum benefits. Most importantly, using the system in combination with tretinoin significantly improved how patients perceived themselves, which is the ultimate goal of any aesthetic treatment.”

The study appears in the July issue of Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

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