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The Role of AI in Your Practice Panel Discussion at TAS 2023

Video-The Role of AI in Your Practice Panel Discussion at TAS 2023

Join us to watch this pre-recorded discussion on "The Role of AI in Your Practice" from TAS 2023. It will explore how AI is revolutionizing aesthetic medical practices, from streamlining processes to enhancing patient experiences. The speakers will delve into specific AI examples in client practices, discussing the balance between automation and personalized care. Discover the impact of AI on staffing, marketing strategies, and the potential for personalized health experiences throughout patient care journeys.


Watch the video below!


"Well welcome everybody from around the globe. We have over 65 nations represented. I'm seeing the statistics right over here, about 200,000 viewers at home. Welcome. My name's John Wheeler, CEO of a company called Alpha Aesthetics Partners. It's great to be here with you. We have thousands here in our live audience as well. I hope everybody can see me there in the back and, uh, don't be nervous guys. I know we have so many eyeballs on the three of you, but it's gonna be okay. Um, I'm still getting a little bit of ringing there on my voice. We'll get that. There we go. Still happening. It's okay though. So we have three amazing panelists and today we are talking about artificial intelligence, AI. Maybe you've been hearing or seeing all the buzz in society since ChatGPT launched back in, what was that? Maybe December? I feel like. Somewhat. Yeah. Yeah. I remember playing with it right when it first came out quite a bit and I think it was around the holidays. So yeah, since uh, December. It's just been this AI boom. We're gonna dissect all of it..."


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