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Thin, Pliable and Strong – Meso BioMatrix Surgical Mesh Shines in Facial Aesthetic Surgery

Article-Thin, Pliable and Strong – Meso BioMatrix Surgical Mesh Shines in Facial Aesthetic Surgery

Sponsored by: Meso BioMatrix

There are several surgical meshes on the market. Still, one stands out as being ideal for use in facial cosmetic surgery. According to plastic surgeon Alan Durkin, MD, Meso BioMatrix, distributed by MTF Biologics (Edison, N.J.), is making waves in the market.

Dr. Durkin, who practices in Vero Beach, Fla., noted that Meso BioMatrix is commonly used in larger plastic and reconstructive procedures, where soft tissue support is needed. “It is a very thin acellular matrix that we use frequently in facial rejuvenation surgery,” he explained. “The concept is that Meso will provide a true scaffold for long-term tissue support that is durable and provides a natural result along the sweep and contour of the lower mandible and neck.

1.JPG“It can also be used in suture line reinforcement,” Dr. Durkin continued.  “These are the most common applications for which we have used Meso BioMatrix, and I have found it has been a resounding success. It is a very  thin, pliant  product that is easy to handle, holds sutures well, and has very high tensile strength.”

Dr. Durkin explained that Meso BioMatrix is the only biologic he can safely use for cosmetic facial surgery because it is so thin, measuring only 0.3 mm in thickness, and it does not lose its durability.

MTF Biologics added Meso BioMatrix Surgical Mesh to its portfolio of offerings for plastic and reconstructive surgeons in  2018. As an acellular porcine peritoneal biologic supports cell integration and revascularization, and it is available in a variety of clinically relevant sizes ranging from 2x4 cm to 10x20 cm.

This strong but thin, non-human alternative tissue form is a much-needed option for patients requiring soft tissue repair and/or support such as muscle flap reinforcement.

As Jon Werner, marketing director of plastic and reconstructive surgery at MTF Biologics, explained, “The clinicians we work with have been asking for a thinner, contourable, nonhuman tissue alternative that maintains its strength. Meso BioMatrix Surgical Mesh can be used in various procedures, making it an ideal solution.”11.JPG

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