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IMCAS Celebrates 20 Years of Educational Excellence and Innovation in Aesthetic Medicine

Article-IMCAS Celebrates 20 Years of Educational Excellence and Innovation in Aesthetic Medicine

Every year the International Master Course on Aging Science (IMCAS) organizes educational conference events in some of the best destinations around the world, before returning home to Paris, France for its Annual World Congress. In 2018, it will be an exceptionally special homecoming, as IMCAS will be celebrating its 20th anniversary, marking two decades of excellence in the field of aesthetic medicine. From February 1 – 3, 2018 over 8,000 delegates and 600 expert speakers from all over the world will attend the critically acclaimed IMCAS Annual World Congress.

Over the past 20 years, IMCAS has built a reputation as being a world leader in medical aesthetic conferences, consistently receiving fantastic feedback from delegates. This year, the meeting will feature 270 educational hours and over 160 sessions, compressed into three days to ensure no one has to miss out on a lecture or workshop. Delegates can customize their learning experience by choosing from a vast array of courses that explore every aspect of aesthetic medicine. The important themes of this year’s conference include body shaping, injectables, lasers and energy-based devices, genital treatments, anti-aging, body, breast and face surgery, clinical dermatology, professional business, regenerative medicine and lipofilling, hair restoration and cosmeceuticals.

As always, the famous Anatomy on Cadaver workshop is the ‘can’t-miss’ event of the congress. This extraordinary one-day workshop features a cadaver dissection by live satellite transmission and live treatment demonstrations. Physicians and other delegates should attend this workshop to discover how important it is to understand anatomy in all aesthetic procedures. The IMCAS Annual World Congress also boasts a range of other innovative educational formats including video classes that dive deep into a specific subject, target courses which offer practical training, and chaired lecture sessions featuring findings from international experts. These different approaches ensure that there is something for every learning style. IMCAS is always striving to build and improve on their past successes.

The 20th anniversary congress, to be held over three levels at the Palais de Congres in the heart of Paris, promises to be the most impressive event yet. By attending symposia, product analysis workshops and visiting the exhibition hall, delegates at the 2018 IMCAS World Congress will also discover the newest products and devices on the market from 250 of the leading companies in our industry, including a variety of popular applications, from injectables to energy-based systems demonstrating the latest technological advancements.

Among the dermal fillers on display, Aliaxin® SR from IBSA Farmaceutici (Lodi, Lombardy, Italy) is a novel hyaluronic acid (HA)-based product that offers three molecular weights in a combination of cross-linked and natural HA. The clinical results supported by the rheological characteristics of Aliaxin SR show high tissue integration and deep hydration, which are lacking in many fillers. This novel formulation provides wrinkle filling and prevention, contour definition and skin texture improvement. Laboratoires VIVACY (Paris, France) offers STYLAGE® XL and XXL, high density volumizing HA-based gels that can be used to restore volume to facial tissues that have diminished over time in the temples, cheeks, the oval of the face and the chin. Using STYLAGE volumizers and advanced facial contouring techniques, physicians are able to produce more face-lift like results to meet patient demands for long lasting, non-surgical treatment options.

HYABELL® fillers from Adoderm GmbH (Langenfeld, Germany) provide long lasting improvement, a convincing safety profile and incorporate lidocaine (0.3%) to facilitate the injection procedure, reduce pain and enhance patient satisfaction. HYABELL fillers have enhanced visco-elastic properties and softer extrusion forces than other HA-based dermal fillers, due to the innovative monophasic particle technology (MPT) used in the production process. The optimized physical properties of HYABELL fillers allow better clinical results. Indications include lip contouring and lip augmentation; middle to deep dermis injection and correction of moderate facial wrinkles and folds; deep dermis and correction of deep folds; and subcutaneous tissue correction of deep folds and facial volumizing. In the area of novel skin-related solutions, Dermamelan® from Mesoestetic Pharma Group (Barcelona, Spain) provides a medical lightening method for treating melanin skin spots, and is suitable for all skin types. It effectively combines professional treatment with at-home maintenance for rapid whitening of all types of skin blemishes at any time of year. Dermamelan’s double action is corrective and regulative, to correct hyperpigmentation and regulate the overproduction of melanin in the melanocytes, thus preventing the appearance of new spots. As a result, it attenuates and eradicates melanin skin spots, restores radiance to the skin and improves skin tone.

The EnerJet2.0 from PerfAction Technologies, Ltd. (Rehovot, Israel) simultaneously delivers kinetic energy and a healing compound, enabling a controlled deep micro-trauma profile effect for dermal remodeling. The result is smoother, well-hydrated and younger looking skin with long-term structural benefits. It also offers clinically proven solutions to treat acne scars, keloid scars, upper lips, stretch marks and submental wrinkles.

Employing micro-jet VORTEX Technology (VT), the INNOJECTOR from WONIK Corporation (Seoul, South Korea) delivers both mechanical stimulation and enhancing compounds to the skin via intentional microdamage to dermal tissues. Kinetic Energy, the unit’s pneumatic injection technology, induces collagen regeneration resulting in a thicker dermis and initiating a wound healing process to treat scars and also act as a face-lifting technology.

HydraFacial™, from The HydraFacial Co. (Long Beach, California, U.S.), uses proprietary vacuum technology that delivers serums via unique, spiral designed HydroPeel™ Tips. This process creates a vortex effect to easily dislodge and remove impurities from the skin while simultaneously introducing hydrating skin solutions containing potent antioxidants. This allows for unparalleled non-invasive skin resurfacing and temporary opening of pores to effectively cleanse, exfoliate and extract impurities evenly while simultaneously delivering proprietary serums to the skin.

Top-of-the-line laser systems will be presented as well. This includes the Ydun from Ellipse (Hoersholm, Denmark), a very effective fractional laser system with a small and light design, featuring independent control of pulse length and energy via the Frax 1550 laser handpiece. Incorporating a user-friendly design and clinical intelligence, Ydun is an easy-to-use and effective tool.

PicoWay from Syneron Candela (Irvine, California, U.S.), a remarkably innovative three wavelength (532 nm, 785 nm and 1064 nm) picosecond laser targets a wide-range of tattoo colors and pigmented lesions.

It includes both full-beam and fractional capabilities. PicoWay’s unique mode of action is based on delivering ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy to the tissue. These bursts of energy create a photoacoustic impact which breaks up the target pigment into smaller, more easily eliminated particles. The new Resolve™ dual wavelength picosecond fractional module treats pigmentation, skin irregularities and signs of aging.

The Thunder MT from Quanta System, S.p.A. (Milan, Italy) is a cutting edge laser system offering up to two wavelengths – 755 nm and 1064 nm – in single or combined modes using Proprietary Mixed Technology. The system addresses hair reduction, vascular lesions and provides skin rejuvenation treatments, and the Optimized™ Spot Shape feature is designed to overcome the overlapping limits of traditional spot shapes. This platform can be also equipped with the OptiScan TH scanner, which utilizes

AutoMotion™ technology to perform a variety of tailored and automatic low pain treatments.

Laser-based systems for hair reduction include the VeLux 755 from Illooda Co., Ltd. (Seoul, South Korea), which offers a permanent solution by combining 755 nm and 810 nm laser wavelengths, based on diode motion scanning technology. By radiating simultaneously, these two wavelengths apply concentrated energy to remove unwanted hair. By taking full advantage of its sapphire cooling system, the epidermis is not only protected, but patient pain is also minimized during treatment without the use of anesthesia or numbing gels. Furthermore, the adjustable large 50 mm by 15 mm spot size enables practitioners to perform quick treatments.

The MOTUS AX from DEKA (Calenzano, Firenze, Italy) is a 755 nm High Frequency Alexandrite laser system that offers painless and smokeless hair removal procedures. Utilizing DEKA’s proprietary Mŏveō Technology, MOTUS AX offers a high degree of patient comfort. MOTUS AX procedures provide operators with easy-to-use full parameter control in three levels (soft, medium and high), as well as selectable energy levels that give physicians the ability to tailor treatments for all the skin types.

The primelase HR excellence laser platform from cocoon medical (Barcelona, Spain) treats hair-related issues by offering a procedure that works at a high (4,800 Watts) peak power. Featuring three handpieces operating at 755 nm, 810 nm and a special mixed mode, practitioners are given a very effective and safe hair removal solution even for dark skin types. Exclusive Ultra Short Pulse (USP) technology delivers ultra-short pulses with a high fluence of energy, thus removing even residual hair.

Still one of the fastest growing segments in our industry, it goes without saying that there will be numerous non-surgical body shaping devices discussed and presented that treat the full array of indications, including circumferential reduction, skin tightening and wrinkle reduction, as well as cellulite.

The latest approach to cellulite reduction includes the Cellfina® System from Merz Aesthetics (Frankfurt, Germany). Combining highly advanced, proprietary technology with Subcision®, the unit treats the underlying structural cause of cellulite with precise and reproducible results. The Cellfina® treatment is U.S. FDA cleared and E.U. CE marked, and effectively improves the appearance of cellulite for at least three years. After a single, minimally invasive treatment, participants of a clinical study reported 93% patient satisfaction at three years.

STORZ MEDICAL’s (Tägerwilen, Switzerland), CELLACTOR® SC1 »ultra« and D-ACTOR® »ultra« are powered by advanced Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT®) to treat cellulite, body contouring, skin elasticity and facial wrinkles. High-energy acoustic waves penetrate the adipose deposits and mobilize the metabolism activity in the subcutaneous fatty tissue. As a result, the upper layer of the skin becomes smoother in appearance and the circumference of the treated body regions is reduced. Powerful radial acoustic waves are applied to deep skin layers, such as epidermis, dermis and connective tissue. Complementing AWT is the firm’s VACU-ACTOR® vacuum therapy.

The Z Lipo Cryolipolysis™ system from Zimmer MedizinSysteme (Neu-Ulm, Germany) enables non-invasive targeting of fat deposits for permanent reduction. This method cools fat deposits over a longer period of time to a controlled and safe temperature range. The combination of the firm’s Z Lipo and Z Wave Pro shockwave therapy provides an effective treatment for significantly improved fat reduction while stimulating lymphatic drainage and also tightening the skin.

truSculpt® from Cutera, Inc. (Brisbane, California, U.S.), offers a multidimensional RF-based approach to body contouring by directing clinically therapeutic temperatures to the subcutaneous adipose tissue to achieve high clinical efficacy in the shortest possible treatment time. The longer durations of deep uniform heating elevate the temperature within the targeted subcutaneous tissue, which increases basal metabolic activity in adipose tissue. This targeted, repeatable and uniform approach ensures that the best results are achieved.

Dynamis Pro from Fotona (Ljubljana, Slovenia) combines complementary Nd:YAG and Erbium YAG laser wavelengths in a single, highly versatile system that performs an exceptionally wide-range of aesthetic treatments, including the TightSculpting® procedure. This dual-wavelength, non-invasive laser treatment for fat reduction, body sculpting and skin tightening is a fast, safe and effective non-invasive alternative to laser lipolysis, with no consumables or patient downtime and exceptional results.

Advancements in ultrasound-based energy have led to products like Doublo Gold from Hironic Co., Ltd. (Seoul, South Korea). Doublo Gold is a new model in the company’s Doublo series, which non-invasively delivers High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)-based energy to skin layers from 1.5 mm to 4.5 mm below the epidermis for effective lifting of skin and remodeling of the collagen layer. This new system reduces treatment time and comes with other upgrades, such as continuous shot mode and a shot interval control system.

Similarly, the Microson Dual system from Eunsung Global Corp. (Gangwon-do, South Korea) is a HIFU-based system that produces focal thermal coagulation points at the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS), deep dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue. The Microson Dual offers non-surgical facial and body lifting effects without causing superficial damage to the skin. It also incorporates five cartridge types and a dual handpiece for convenient operator use.

Combining RF and ultrasound, the Exilis Ultra 360 from BTL Aesthetics (Staffordshire, U.K.) represents an advanced technology for body contouring, skin tightening, facial rejuvenation and female intimate wellness. Its two applicators and various exchangeable tips enable the treatment of various body areas. This unique combination of monopolar RF, ultrasound and adjustable cooling enables the system to selectively focus energy to various tissue layers as needed. It effectively stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin, enhancing the power of skin to lift and tighten. Physicians can enhance women’s intimate health and provide patients with a newfound self-confidence by employing the same technology on vaginal and vulvar areas. With exchangeable single use tips and distinctive 360° Volumetric

Heating technology, the system provides the shortest non-invasive intravaginal treatment. In addition, the Exilis Ultra 360 platform incorporates impedance intelligence that constantly monitors skin impedance changes during treatment. This allows maximum efficacy with maintained comfort leading to higher patient satisfaction.

Along these lines, it is safe to say that of all the recent body related technology innovations, none have captured the interest of practitioners

as much as energy-based vaginal rejuvenation. Viveve, Inc. (Englewood, Colorado, U.S.) offers the Viveve™ System, which safely delivers cryogencooled monopolar RF (CMRF) energy deep into the vaginal mucosa while protecting delicate epithelial tissue. Geneveve™ by Viveve is the only singlesession, 30 minute treatment with CE clearance for treating vaginal laxity.

Vaginal laxity is associated with urinary incontinence and reduced sexual sensation. In addition, FDA cleared InControl Products by Viveve treat incontinence conditions and improve pelvic floor strength. Novaclinical / Novavision (Misinto, Italy) offers EVA (Enhancer of Vaginal Anatomy), an innovative, effective and advanced medical solution for feminine intimate care with a special focus on vaginal atrophy, vaginal laxity, mild stress urinary incontinence, vulvodynia and vulvovaginal rejuvenation.

This system employs patented Vaginal Dynamic Quadripolar Radiofrequency (VDR™), a Radiofrequency Safety System (RSS™), and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) technologies, which help facilitate effective, safe and comfortable vaginal and vulvar treatments.

Prior to performing procedures, physicians need a comprehensive understanding of what they are treating. That is where sophisticated imaging tools come into play. The VECTRA® 3D Automated Markerless Tracking system from Canfield Scientific, Inc. (Parsippany, New Jersey, U.S.) utilizes a quantitative approach to assessing variations in soft tissue, for a dynamic multi time point evaluation of the changing face. A real-time three-dimensional map of soft tissue fluctuations illustrates stretch and compression, while also objectively evaluating lift, tightening and volumization. Markerless Tracking advances the ability to evaluate age-related tissue changes and validate subjective assessments with objective evidence. Practitioners can thoroughly review and provide patients with individual improvement results, confirmed via detailed evidence of outcomes.

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