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Article-'Your space'

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  • The CST Editor-in-Chief comments on how legacy media can play a relevant role in a digital age

Teresa A. McNulty
We often reflect on the information overload confronting you who attempt to stay abreast of medical science, but it seems there's a data lag as well. In a recent interview, one of your physician peers noted with some frustration that by the time clinical data saw ink, the information was all but out of date.

This becomes ever more true as electrons speed to inform you more rapidly than the "dead tree" media can. So how can legacy media play a relevant role in a digital age?

Well, the same doctor who expressed his pique about "data delay" enthused in the next breath that the most valuable information he gets is when he sits down with a colleague over a cup of coffee to hear his anecdotal "pearls." This helps explain the growing appeal of the annual medical congress – but how to "meet" in the intervening months?

CST 's chief mission during this, its tenth anniversary year, is a recommitment to these pages as your forum. Even in the era of the new media, we can still provide a specialized space in which you can inform and engage your peers. We like to think of ourselves as tossing a "virtual lasso" to the far-flung corners of the earth, drawing your surgical colleagues close to meet on these pages to share their aesthetic views and opinions.

We invite you to participate – as your esteemed colleagues have done on the following four pages – in our specially designated CounterPoint column. In the first CounterPoint, Dr. Robert Goldberg respectfully takes issue with Dr. Sam Hamra's pro-surgery viewpoint presented in our January-February issue. On page 10's CounterPoint, our April issue's case study on teenage liposuction has prompted a response from Dr. Sharon Giese who provides context and recommends to you key scientific findings on the relationship between liposuction and metabolism in weight loss.

You, like them, are invited to avail yourselves of the CounterPoint forum. Whether yours are original views you believe confront the discipline – or you wish to respond to an item you've read on these pages, please do so.

Yes, it's possible that you'll learn of FDA approval of the latest dermal filler from another source. But we'll be working to help place that filler into competitive perspective for you. We'll track down the vantage points your clinical investigator colleagues took during its development. We'll relate to you the success your fellow practitioners have had in evolving specific refinements and techniques with it. All of which can help you to evaluate its exploration within your own practice – and perhaps optimize the outcomes you attain with its use.

We agree with our physician interview subject that this type of high-value information has a unique source and significance: you. And that dialogue begins with your voice. Our mission rides prominently on our masthead: CST is "where the exchange on aesthetic perspective begins." Watch this space!

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