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Surgery effectively treats post-blepharoplasty chemosis

Article-Surgery effectively treats post-blepharoplasty chemosis

Seattle — A recent study released in Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery describes the exploration of a surgical management approach to the postoperative complication of persistent conjunctival chemosis experienced by patients following blepharoplasty.

Investigators from the department of ophthalmology at the University of Washington in Seattle sought to ascertain whether a regional conjunctivoplasty might effectively reduce the signs and symptoms of chronic postoperative chemosis.

The study patients had experienced iatrogenic chemosis which had not responded to conservative treatment consisting of steroid drops, lubrication and pressure patching. Additional criteria for patient inclusion in the study included the persistence of symptoms for more than six months following the initial cosmetic eyelid surgery.

A limbal peritomy was performed in regions of clinically detectable chemosis, followed by subconjunctival and sub-Tenon's fascia dissection. Clinical responses were assessed for a period of three to nine months postoperatively.

Patients participating in the study all experienced significant objective improvements both in clinically observable chemosis and in symptoms of ocular surface dryness.

For more information:

Arch Facial Plast Surg. 2005 May-Jun;7(3):185-188.

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