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A simple solution for selling skin care online

Article-A simple solution for selling skin care online

Dr. CohenSelling skin care products to patients in the office is simple enough, but the prospect of launching an ecommerce website for product sales — which requires a management system, fulfillment platform, product supply chain, customer service — may be daunting. If this sounds familiar, there is a new turnkey solution that allows a practice to offer online sales for skin care products without all the work. 

Meet Exponential Faces, the website for physician practices that can launch your own branded ecommerce business in just minutes, according to a company press release.

Developed by plastic surgeon Barry J. Cohen, M.D., M.B.A., Exponential Faces provides nearly 50 leading skincare brands, such as iS Clinical, pH Advantage, SkinMedica and Glytone. The site markets products, includes a shopping cart and delivers product, without practices having to stock product on their shelves. The platform features proprietary software for skin care analyses, order fulfillment and customer service.

“With the growth of online sales of cosmeceuticals, it was clear that patients were being introduced to high-end, physician-grade skincare by their physicians but were replenishing online,” according to Dr. Cohen.

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The plastic surgeon says he has been building his “back office” for more than two decades. And, thanks to technology, now offers the ready-made ecommerce store to physician partners.

With a click and a setup fee of $1500, the ecommerce store comes up as an option on practices’ websites. Practices that use the ecommerce solution don’t have to carry additional inventory; rather the solution adds to what they might already be offering in the office.

The solution is easy to use, optimized for search engine optimization (SEO), mobile friendly and includes security technology, for safe transactions, according to the release.

Having the ecommerce site can seamlessly add revenue to a practice’s bottom line, according to Dr. Cohen.

“By virtue of having an online store, it helps keep their patients coming back to the doctors,” Dr. Cohen says.

Exponential Faces splits net profits with client practices. In addition to the setup fee, there is a yearly maintenance fee. 

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