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Riding the wave of progress

Article-Riding the wave of progress

Cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine is a dynamic profession that has seen major paradigm shifts over the past several decades. Patients have asked for less downtime and we’ve moved toward including more minimally invasive procedures in the form of neurotoxins, fillers, and energy-based therapies.

Dr. NiamtuAesthetic physicians have seen more successful outcomes in providing a multi-modal, three-dimensional approach to each patient: combining a variety of injectable therapies, or coupling laser treatments with surgical procedures, etc. Technology continues to progress, enabling us to improve surgical techniques well beyond what we thought possible just a few years ago.

We have seen innovation, emerging technologies, new understandings and more precision in areas such as fat freezing and heating devices, liposuction, endoscopic surgery, breast augmentation, eyelash growth treatments — and myriad other changes.

The aesthetic practice itself has been transforming in many ways — from the practitioner to the staff to the services to the patients. There are more practitioners delivering more services to more informed and involved patients.

In keeping with the reporting of these and many other contemporary topics that affect aesthetic physicians, staff and practices, we at Cosmetic Surgery Times felt that it was time for a resource that reflects the evolving aesthetic landscape and celebrates the unique contributions of a multi-specialty generation of practitioners.

In the spirit of riding the wave of progress, we are pleased to inform you of our new name and logo: The Aesthetic Channel.

We believe this change represents both our journalistic ambition to stay on the cutting edge of the profession as well as our continued commitment to keeping you well informed of the advancing discipline of aesthetic medicine — providing you practical insights on the latest technology, techniques, best practices, and practice management solutions in a mutually respectful forum —  so that you can provide optimal outcomes for your patients.

We look forward to your feedback!

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