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Galderma-skincare collaborations emerge as promotional tool

Article-Galderma-skincare collaborations emerge as promotional tool


Galderma announced in December that it is collaborating with professional-grade skincare brands, including Revision Skincare, Alastin Skincare and Senté. The move makes it easy for aesthetic providers to offer their patients premium skincare samples with patients’ purchases of certain Galderma aesthetic dermal filler treatments.

Galderma has long-standing and similar marketing programs with Colorescience and Mentor Breast Implants. In the case of these newest collaborations, aesthetic injectors will receive the skincare products with qualifying purchases of Galderma dermal fillers. Those injectors can then offer the products to their patients to use as part of an ongoing beauty routine, according to a Galderma press release.

“These sorts of collaborations are helpful for many practices and allow for more value to the end consumer and physician,” says Joel Schlessinger M.D., a dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon in Omaha, Neb. "It is a win-win for all parties.”

Boca Raton and Boynton Beach, Fla., dermatologist Robyn Siperstein, M.D., tells The Aesthetic Channel that Galderma’s professional skincare brand collaborations help her deliver customized and memorable patient experiences, as well as fuel customer loyalty and desire to come back to the office for more treatments and services.

“Our practice effectively leverages these unique promotional tools when patients are considering the purchase of more than one product, as these complimentary products incentivize them to purchase additional products that may not have been within their budget, even though they know it will ultimately lead to better results,” she writes. “They also look forward to returning to us and are always excited to hear about future add-on promotions.”

Galderma’s program adds value to patient treatments without the practice having to discount its prices, according to Dr. Siperstein.

“Aesthetic medicine is an extremely competitive space, and every opportunity we have to offer our patients additional value for their dollar is another opportunity to create a loyal, long-term patient,” Dr. Siperstein writes.

Dr. Siperstein adds that when patients are given a product as a thank you for being a loyal client and told that a practice values their opinions on the product, it often creates a stronger patient-practice connection.

“Ultimately, this program offers a virtually risk-free proposition to aesthetic practices that might consider selling these products in their offices by having their current patients ‘test drive’ the products for them. When a patient feels that their opinion truly matters and that their perspective will potentially influence the business decisions of an aesthetic practice, they are more likely to remain loyal and help promote the practice based on their positive experiences,” she writes.

Galderma distributed almost 70,000 product promotion packages to consumers through their providers in 2018, according to the release.

“Galderma is planning to leverage the one million members of the ASPIRE Galderma Rewards program to reach patients directly with unique benefits they can redeem from participating aesthetic providers,” according to the release.