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Women anticipating chemical peels should take heart-healthy measures, study recommends

Article-Women anticipating chemical peels should take heart-healthy measures, study recommends

Holon, Israel — Results of a recent study suggest that women would be well advised to take heart-protective measures before getting a deep chemical peel.

The study, reported recently in Dermatologic Surgery, examined the incidence of heart complications among 181 women, aged 30 to 77, who received deep facial peels between December 2004, and November 2005. During the chemical peel, researchers monitored each patient’s heart.

About six percent of the women experienced an irregular heartbeat during the treatment. Such incidences of cardiac arrhythmia were most prevalent among women with diabetes, hypertension and depression. Eight patients required lidocaine to control the arrhythmia.

The study notes that though deep chemical peels may be administered in a spa setting, most spas are not equipped to monitor the heart during a deep chemical peel. This absence of heart monitoring places the impetus on women to take measures to protect their hearts even before getting a chemical peel, the study concludes.

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