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Advanced injectable applications and techniques

Article-Advanced injectable applications and techniques

Facial injectable treatments (neurotoxin and dermal fillers) have maintained a steady increase over the last decade and show no signs of slowing down, according to market research data. With a reported 9.8 million treatments performed in 20171, facial injectable procedures remain the most popular non-surgical treatments in medical aesthetic practices.

As the most influential multispecialty medical education conference and exhibition in the industry, offering the broadest educational curriculum, The Aesthetic Show (TAS) will provide attendees with a number of opportunities to further expand their knowledge of today’s leading facial injectable products and techniques.

In addition to the Injectables 101 and Advanced Hands-On Facial Injectables courses taking place during the pre-show session on Thursday, July 5, The Aesthetic Show will also offer a special focus course dedicated to Advanced Injectable Applications and Techniques on day one and two of the main program (Friday, July 6 and Saturday, July 7).

Comprised of three modules, this course revolves around the principles and practices to achieve optimal results for facial shaping, wrinkle reduction and facial rejuvenation using neurotoxins, dermal fillers, microcannulas and lifting threads.

These modules will provide a thorough review of the latest injection techniques and tips from expert faculty. Topics to be covered include: treatment of difficult complications; the latest off-label techniques; next-generation neurotoxins and dermal fillers pending approval; building confidence as an injector; assessing patient needs; and growing practice revenue with injectables.

Among these general themes some of the more interesting presentations include Thread Lifts in 2018 presented by Kian Karimi, M.D.; The New Frontier in Face and Body Regenerative Aesthetic Medicine by Antonella Quaranta, M.D.; Revolution and Evolution of Injection Rhinoplasty by Steven Hopping, M.D.; Advanced Techniques for Atrophic Scars Using Fillers, RF, Microneedling and PRP by Garry Lee, M.D.; and Do Permanent Fillers Mean Permanent Problems, presented by Rich Castellano, M.D.

Each module has a separate fee to attend and offers unique information, as well as 2 CME credits, so attendees can participate in one, two, or all three modules for maximum educational benefit.

Learn more about these special focus courses, including the dates and time each module is offered.

The Aesthetic Show is a multidisciplinary medical education meeting focused on the rapidly expanding field of aesthetic medicine. This unique show brings new procedures, products and technologies, as well as a group of the top physicians in the aesthetic industry, together in a highly condensed and effective venue. The weekend will include everything that is relevant, progressive and contemporary in aesthetic medicine. Register now!