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The emerging importance of regenerative aesthetics

Article-The emerging importance of regenerative aesthetics

A revolution is taking hold in medical aesthetics. Increasingly, the use of stem cell-based therapies is starting to replace the need for more invasive surgery, as well as drug or chemical-based treatments.

The use of a patient’s own tissue and blood for repair and regeneration appears poised to transform the entire medical industry – specifically the dynamics of aesthetic medicine – presenting new opportunities for practice growth.

New approaches with stem cells are being explored in fat grafting and volumization technologies; platelet-rich plasma (PRP); platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) matrix; stromal vascular fraction; growth factors; and other tissue- and cell-based techniques; are starting to replace the need for more invasive surgery, as well as drug or chemical-based treatments.

“Regenerative medicine is the future,” stated Ryan Welter, M.D., Ph.D., CEO and medical director of Regeneris Medical (Attleboro, Mass.).  “All of these therapies are starting to converge into one specialty of regenerative medicine that utilizes all facets of scientific technology to repair damaged tissue. If we can achieve this, then anything is possible. This is where all of medicine will merge.”

Understanding the importance of this rapidly expanding field, The Aesthetic Show (TAS) will offer multiple courses and scientific workshops focused on the major evolving trends within the field of regenerative aesthetics.

The first course is the Regenerative Aesthetics Symposium, which will take place during the pre-show education program on July 5, 2018. As an expert in this field Dr. Welter, will co-moderate this full day symposium, in which expert faculty will provide an in-depth examination of the latest trends, clinical findings and techniques, as well as how to use these revolutionary new procedures to expand your practice.

Topics covered include a market outlook, microfat and SVF applications, treatment of androgenetic alopecia, advancements in amniotic stem cell procedures and cell-assisted lipotransfer.

“Regenerative medicine is becoming more mainstream in our field,” noted Tess Mauricio, M.D., a dermatologist, regenerative aesthetics specialist and TAS faculty. “The pre-conference symposium is going to be comprehensive, and TAS is realy the only place where you can obtain this kind of information.”

The Aesthetic Show will also cover regenerative aesthetics during the main program starting with the opening session: The Aesthetic Visionaries on Friday, July 6. Dr. Welter will discuss the coming of age of regenerative aesthetics and Charles Runels, M.D. will discuss lifting techniques using PRP.

In addition, The Regenerative Aesthetics Revolution session on Saturday July 7, will be entirely dedicated to this rapidly growing, evidence-based anti-aging therapy. Featuring top experts discussing the most current and relevant treatments, technologies and practical applications. Notable topics and presentations include PRP vs. Surgical Face-Lift, The Role of Senolytics in Regenerative and Aesthetic Medicine, Renuva Adipose Matrix Applications and Techniques and The Fastest Ways to Adapt Regenerative Medicine into Your Practice.

The learning doesn’t end there. There will also be multiple scientific workshops on Friday and Saturday focused on various regenerative aesthetics products utilizing PRP, PRF, growth factors and stem cells.

Aesthetic treatments will no longer revolve around just a single product or device, noted Farhan Taghizadeh, M.D., a plastic surgeon in Phoenix, Ariz., and TAS faculty member who will present during the Regenerative Aesthetics Symposium. “It is the integration of lifestyle education, in addition to these products and therapies that we already use.”

Interested in expanding your knowledge and experience with regenerative aesthetics, and incorporating these exciting new therapies into your practice? Learn more about what The Aesthetic Show 2018 has to offer!

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