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Thermage FLX improves speed, comfort and precision

Article-Thermage FLX improves speed, comfort and precision

Sponsored by Solta Medical, a division of Valeant Pharmaceuticals, North America

Thermage FLX™ is the new skin tightening solution from Solta Medical, a division of Valeant Pharmaceuticals, North America (Bothell, Wash.), that is uniquely indicated to treat the periorbital area (including the eyelids), full face and body. Providing real-time feedback-controlled modulation of parameters, AccuREP™ technology promises more predictable results than ever before. In addition, the treatment tips are 33% larger, making procedure times up to 25% faster than previous iterations, and a single vibrating handpiece further mitigates potential patient discomfort when treating the face and body.

Dermatologist Vic Narurkar, M.D., founder of the Bay Area Laser Institute (San Francisco, Calif.), has been employing Thermage devices in his practice for years and has treated the fullest diversity in ages, skin types and conditions among his patient base. “Thermage is better than ever,” he said. “It is truly color blind and can be used anywhere on the body. As well, it is the only device of its kind FDA-cleared for the eyelids so there is nothing else like it. Thermage FLX is the fastest and most comfortable it has ever been, providing the best and most predictable results we’ve seen so far, and requires only a single treatment.”

Thermage FLX, like its predecessors, harnesses the power of non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) energy, delivering it deep within the dermis to tighten and remodel existing collagen, and stimulate neocollagenesis.

According to users, Thermage FLX just does it better, faster and more comfortably. The device still employs Comfort Pulse Technology (CPT™), which uses vibrating pulses in the handpiece to enhance patient comfort, and the enlarged treatment tips allow for faster treatment.

However, in Dr. Narurkar’s opinion, the real story is the addition of AccuREP to the technology-packed handpiece. “This patented, real-time feedback-controlled per-pulse adjustment of RF delivery truly enhances treatment precision and predictability,” he noted. “As with previous generations of this technology, we know the proper range of parameters in which to treat a patient based on their unique characteristics and the location being targeted. Once we have that settled, each pulse is modulated based on the readings the device takes at that moment, so that we get the most energy delivered within the tolerance range, which maximizes comfort and safety as well as outcomes. AccuREP basically takes energy delivery modulation to the next level.”

Virtually any patient is a candidate for Thermage FLX, Dr. Narurkar stated. “This device works on all skin types comfortably, and with AccuREP technology the best treatment option is automatically adjusted for the individual case. The only patient who wouldn’t be appropriate is someone with extreme laxity who’d be a better candidate for surgery, and that is true for any skin tightening treatment.”

According to Dr. Narurkar, the continued popularity of Thermage is attributed not only to its renowned brand name, but to the character of the outcomes it provides so consistently and comfortably. “Thermage FLX is a safe, effective device that provides correction with a natural look,” he said. “This has broad appeal for both men and women, which helps make the device, and my practice, successful. The kind of loyalty and trust seen with Thermage patients is rare and definitely justified.”