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Radial pulse soundwave technology gets a “quiet” upgrade

Article-Radial pulse soundwave technology gets a “quiet” upgrade

Sponsored by Zimmer MedizinSystems

Z WaveQ from Zimmer MedizinSystems (Irvine, Calif.), is a significant upgrade to the radial pulse Z WavePro soundwave device that has become a staple in many aesthetic practices. According to the manufacturer, this next-generation device is 50% quieter than the original model and other shockwave or soundwave devices on the market. And, the ergonomic handpiece is cooled with chilled water and completely sealed, so it remains comfortable during treatments of any length.

The Z WaveQ delivers pain free, high-energy radial soundwaves that stimulate collagen formation, as well as an increase in both lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. With a series of ten treatments, patients can expect to see a one-grade improvement in the appearance of their cellulite. In addition, the system is frequently used as an adjunctive therapy to improve the results of body contouring, liposuction / non-invasive lipolysis, cellulite reduction and other aesthetic procedures.

While many radial soundwave devices utilize pneumatic energy, the Z Wave employs electromagnetic technology to drive an internal projectile that generates the soundwaves. This approach allows for the use of a heavier projectile, which translates into increased comfort to the skin, less pain following treatment and even enhanced outcomes in some cases.

“The main reason I bought the Z WaveQ is because of its versatility. It gives me an advantage when used with CoolSculpting treatments,” stated Rakesh Nanda, MD, medical director at Great Skin Ohio in Columbus, Ohio.

“After a CoolSculpting session, you need to massage and palpate around the treatment area because it helps to break up the fat. For patients, this can cause a lot of tingling and pain, and some people even experience neuropathy,” he continued. “By incorporating the Z Wave, we eliminate the random variability inherent in hand massage methods to give patients a more consistent treatment outcome. We also noticed that our patients reported reduced pain and accelerated healing. Furthmore, the Z Wave worked to increase fat destruction. That alone was enough for me to add it to my practice.”

“I’ve also used the device after liposuction procedures,” Dr. Nanda noted. “There are patients that just don’t heal the way you would like. They have irregularities, pain and other symptoms, including bruising. I will use the soundwave treatment around a week to ten days after surgery, which can significantly reduce both pain and recovery time.”

However, despite all of these benefits, Zimmer realized that some physicians objected to the noise it generated. “While physicians realized it was an inherent part of the treatment, now we can provide the quietest shockwave device to practices that have a close work- space, as well as in adjoining rooms where they might do facials and massages,” said Michael Busic, director of Z Wave Business Unit at Zimmer MedizinSystems.

By redesigning the Z Wave system, we have delivered the ideal solution in the new Z WaveQ, Mr. Busic added. “It has been a technological challenge to mask radial sound, but we have found that water-cooled technology cut the noise in half.”

Dr. Nanda welcomes the upgraded system, “The Z Wave has given me a competitive edge over those spas and practices that don’t have such a device to enhance CoolSculpting procedures. And, with the Z WaveQ, radial shockwave therapy is now easy on the ears, as well.”

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