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Your scrubs just got stylish

Article-Your scrubs just got stylish


Pediatrician Neela Sethi Young, M.D. remembers her first experience with having to wear surgical scrubs.

“I clearly remember my third year of medical school like it was yesterday.  It was my first time being in the hospital setting, and I was on a surgical rotation. I was handed my first set of scrubs to wear, and I thought there had been a mistake,” she says. “I was sure I was given men's scrubs, as the shape was ill-fitting, boxy and certainly didn’t fit my personality at all. I couldn’t believe that I was supposed to feel confident and deliver great medical care when I felt horrible in what I was wearing.”

So, Dr. Young and her brother Shaan Sethi decided to turn the $10 million U.S. medical apparel industry upside down. The cofounders of Los Angeles-based Jaanuu banked on the fact that other providers — men and women — also wanted to feel fashionable in functional scrubs.

“I set out to create the most beautiful, fashion-forward, modern scrubs ever,” Dr. Young says.

Dr. Young tells The Aesthetic Channel that the brand’s tops feature novelty details and gold accents.

“They have more figure-flattering silhouettes but are still functional and professional,” she says.

The company’s pants have a variety of silhouettes — skinny, straight, bootcut.

Jaanuu, created from the word ‘Jaan’ meaning life in Hindi, uses fabrics that stretch for comfort. One of the featured fabrics is more structured for form-fitting styles; one is more relaxed with body skimming silhouettes; and one has the most amount of stretch but enough structure to maintain its shape and durability.

“All three fabrics allow for a wide assortment of styles for every body shape and personality out there,” she says.

Jaanuu’s scrubs offer moisture-wicking, anti-odor protection and a premium antimicrobial-finished fabric to restrict the growth of bacteria and withstand harsh hospital conditions.

Founded in 2013, Jaanuu is a direct-to-consumer, e-commerce platform. Tops for women retail for about $39 to $47 each, while pants generally range from $44 to $49. Men’s styles, which include collared tops, are in the neighborhood of $44 to $54 for tops and $54 to $59 for pants.