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How effectively do you follow up?

Article-How effectively do you follow up?

No matter how good your marketing efforts are, the bottom line will suffer if you don’t have the time or staffing available to respond in a timely fashion. That’s according to eRelevance cofounder and CEO Bob Fabbio and what inspired the company to launch their Response Follow-up Service.

“Our patient engagement service generates significantly more responses than our aesthetic practice customers have received through other prior email blasting efforts,” Fabbio tells The Aesthetic Channel. As a result, practices have had a hard time keeping up with the response and thus, the service was born.

“Our new follow-up service does the work for businesses — chasing people down according to best practice to ultimately increase conversion and revenue,” Fabbio explains.

eRelevance data shows that up to 60% of marketing-generated patient requests never convert to revenue, due in large part to businesses with a small-sized staff that lack the time and resources to keep up with the number of responses that their marketing campaigns generate.

By successfully overcoming this critical marketing need, clients are ensured they do not miss out the finite window of opportunity when a prospective patient may be ready to schedule an appointment, according to Fabbio.

The service offers proactive response management that:

• Offloads the work required to connect with patients and prospects to get them scheduled.

• Uses best practices for effective follow-up that combines phone, email and text.

• Helps reduce revenue leakage from unscheduled patient and prospect requests.

Fabbio notes that while industry best practice is six follow-up attempts within three days of a customer reply, eRelevance data reveals that the average number of follow-up attempts across the company’s entire client base is less than one attempt per patient or prospect response.

An eRelevance suite of tech-powered follow-up services starts as low as $400 dollars a month.

“Our goal is to help small businesses grow in a more cost-effective way,” Fabbio states.