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Breast-conservation therapy effective for breast-cancer patients with implants

Article-Breast-conservation therapy effective for breast-cancer patients with implants

Philadelphia — A new study says that breast-cancer patients with breast implants have the option of breast conservation, rather than full mastectomy, a new study finds.

The study, conducted at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital here, included 12 women with breast implants who were diagnosed with breast cancer. Doctors performed an MRI on five of the patients in order to provide further evaluation and identify the extent of the cancer. Of the five patients who had an MRI, four were treated with breast-conservation therapy, while the remaining patient underwent mastectomy. Of the seven patients who did not have an MRI, five were treated with mastectomy and two with breast conserving surgeries.

According to the study, of the six patients who had breast-conservation treatments, all retained an overall satisfactory appearance and did not require implant removal or breast reconstruction.

The study was published in the July issue of The Breast Journal.

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