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Sentient’s Tixel Receives FDA Approval for Treatment of Periorbital Wrinkles

Article-Sentient’s Tixel Receives FDA Approval for Treatment of Periorbital Wrinkles

A game-changer for patients and the aesthetics industry who care about the skin around the eyes.

PARK CITY, UT (August 21, 2023) -- Sentient, the leading full-service provider to the aesthetic care industry, announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Tixel by Sentient, its innovative non-invasive skin resurfacing technology, for the treatment of periorbital wrinkles. 

Periorbital wrinkles, commonly known as "crow's feet," are fine lines that appear around and under the eyes, representing one of the earliest signs of aging. These wrinkles can be particularly challenging to treat since the skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate compared to the rest of the face. 

Tixel by Sentient delivers short bursts of thermal energy into the skin’s surface without damaging the deeper tissues. The device uniquely combines heat with the forward motion of a medical-grade titanium tip. When briefly applied to the skin, the device transfers thermal energy directly to its top layers, creating controlled micro-damage that stimulates collagen production and rejuvenates the skin's appearance. Notably, Tixel by Sentient does not emit radiation, eliminating the need for laser-impenetrable metal ocular shields or eye shields typically used during laser treatments to protect sensitive areas, making the treatment process simpler and more comfortable for patients. Makeup can be applied the day after treatment, and pain and social downtime are minimal compared to laser and radio frequency treatments.

"The FDA’s approval for treating periorbital wrinkles with Tixel by Sentient by is a game-changer for patients and for the aesthetics industry,” said Chris Cella, chief executive officer of Sentient. “It reaffirms Sentient’s dedication to innovation and delivering safe and effective outcomes for our patients. We look forward to continuing our mission of enhancing beauty and boosting confidence with our advanced aesthetic care technologies.”

Proven on a global scale, Tixel by Sentient has been used in Europe since 2011 and was cleared by the FDA for treatment of all skin types two years ago. By making Tixel’s® cutting-edge technology available in the U.S.— along with world class service to support it—Sentient is helping to drastically improve practices’ abilities to address patients’ evolving treatment preferences by developing collaborative relationships that meet clients’ equipment maintenance, support and device technology needs. 



About Sentient

Sentient™ is the leading full-service provider in the aesthetic medical device industry, offering advanced technology and industry-leading service and financing with integrity and transparency. From its Park City, Utah, headquarters to nationwide, Sentient provides an exceptional suite of advanced proprietary technologies to practices of all sizes. With hundreds of longstanding professional relationships and more than 10 years of providing the best-refurbished equipment, Sentient's industry-leading service model ensures quality laser and medical device repair and refurbishment services for 84 types of medical and cosmetic systems. Committed to building collaborative relationships with clients, Sentient significantly enhances practice efficiency, drives stronger profitability, and delivers an exceptional client experience.

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