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Improved appearance of men’s facial skin via dual wavelength fractional technology

Article-Improved appearance of men’s facial skin via dual wavelength fractional technology

Sponsored by Sciton

While there is still a stigma around men coming into the clinical setting for treatment, this is changing for all age groups. “Social media is driving younger and younger men towards aesthetic treatments,” said plastic surgeon Jason Pozner, MD, medical director of Sanctuary Medical Center (Boca Raton, Fla.).

And, according to Chad Deal, MD, a cosmetic surgeon and medical director of Southern Surgical Arts in Chattanooga, Tenn., demand is growing. “You hear more about ‘Brotox’, neurotoxin for men, and behind the scenes more men than ever are seeking skincare solutions,” he said.

“In this climate, the HaloTM platform from Sciton, Inc. (Palo Alto, Calif.), presents a nice gateway treatment for men who, like any- body, will see the benefits of slowing down the appearance of aging by improving the appearance of facial skin, thus staving off the need for future treatment,” Dr. Deal stated.

According to experts, the Halo platform and its hybrid dual wavelength fractional technology are an ideal therapy to improve the appearance of facial skin in men. “Halo is an easy procedure for men,” said Dr. Pozner. “Men’s skin tends to be thicker, with more hair follicles, and it heals rapidly. Thus, skin spots and texture issues are easy to correct with Halo. After being treated, a male patient will look like he has a mild sunburn in most cases, requiring only topical anesthesia during treatment.”

With Halo’s fractional non-ablative 1470 nm wavelength and ablative 2940 nm wave- length, available individually or in combination, physicians have an even greater variety of options in one system. Depth and density of microtreatment zones is adjustable, as is the blend of wavelengths. The system features built-in cooling as well as Dynamic Thermal Optimization, which employs infrared sensor technology to measure skin temperature during treatment, making quick adjustments automatically to manage energy delivery.

“This advanced technology makes it an extremely tolerable, low-downtime procedure that provides safe, efficient, uniform treatments rapidly,” explained Dr. Deal. The procedure itself takes only about 20 minutes.

Deep ablative microwounding and thermal effects are enabled by the specialized combination of fractional wavelengths and adjustability of parameters. “The easy modulation of parameters means we can tune treatment aggressiveness to meet the tolerance and downtime needs of the patient,” Dr. Deal shared.

“These factors undoubtedly contribute to Halo’s 89% ‘Worth It’ rating on, as well as its appeal to men who historically do not want to look like they’ve been ‘treated.’”

According to Dr. Pozner, Halo is easily combined with other modalities, such as inject- ables, for excellent global outcomes in male aesthetics. “The combination of neurotoxin, dermal fillers, BroadBand Light (Sciton BBL) and Halo form a complete skin solution for men.”

Dr. Deal particularly loves the Halo-Sciton BBL combination, even if downtime is slightly increased. “It is not 1+1=3 synergy, it is 1+1=10.”

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