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Gold standard CO2 laser finds place within new world of regenerative aesthetics

Article-Gold standard CO2 laser finds place within new world of regenerative aesthetics

Sponsored by Lasering USA

Long before regenerative aesthetics was on the radar, my late husband, Mark Kofford, MD, PhD, and I discovered a magical combination of collagen stimulation and dermal remodeling. In 2007, we were searching for the newest, greatest fractional CO2 technology on the market. Up to that point in time, we had been working with full-field Erbium and full-field CO2 laser resurfacing, but we found that the MiXto fractional system from Lasering USA (San Ramon, Calif.) revolutionized ablative facial rejuvenation, making it much safer with lower risk of adverse events.

Dr. M. Kofford worked with various laser engineers (and laser experts at Lasering USA) to mathematically determine the optimal spot sizes, ablation depth and size of the thermal coagulation zone needed to maximize cos- metic improvement with minimal downtime.

At around this same time, we discovered the beneficial effects of the regenerative collagen stimulators Bellafill (Suneva Medical), Sculptra (Galderma) and Radiesse (Merz Aesthetics). When we combined these technologies, we were able to achieve superior results over either one of these therapies alone.

Tissue ablation using a CO2 laser results in skin shrinkage, improved elasticity and tightening, and adds thermal coagulation for increased myofibroblast formation to create new Type 1 collagen.

Seeding the skin with biostimulants further enhances this effect, causing the skin to appear truly more youthful. Furthermore, results are permanent.

We then freely shared our discovery with aesthetic providers through MiXto fractional resurfacing and biostimulatory filler training sessions.

Over the years many devices have come and gone, but the MiXto has stood the test of time. It has never broken down and it has no disposable component. It is fair to say it has paid for itself over and over.

This year, I had a plastic surgeon come visit from out of state. She told me, “I bought a fractional CO2, but I can’t get results like you.” We worked on some real patients and she got to see the actual results transpire.

We started with our signature collagen stimulator treatment, addressing the low spots and wrinkles using Bellafill, then seeding the area with Sculptra. Marcaine was added, which also helps to numb the skin prior to the laser resurfacing. After this, we added neurotoxins to keep the area flat during healing, which has been shown to improve long-term results.

Short pulse CO2 and Er:YAG laser devices simply cannot deliver the degree of thermal coagulation necessary to achieve adequate regeneration of native collagen, resulting in only short-term results. MiXto (using Chopped CW patented technology) delivers superior results. You can adjust the MiXto’s dwell times (longest in the industry) and spot size to give you sufficient thermal coagulation to achieve your goal of permanent wrinkle remodeling.

Lately, I have paired MiXto with the Cutera Excel V (532 nm/1064 nm) device to reduce redness and further stimulate collagen.

Other technologies may be helpful, but as stand-alone therapies, they certainly won’t deliver the results we have come to expect from the MiXto. MiXto fractional CO2 is by far the gold standard regenerative laser for conclusive nonsurgical results in patients with with heavy wrinkles or severe acne scars. It is a must-have for all practices, large and small.

About the author

Jeannine Kofford, MD
Dr. Kofford is affectionately known as the Face Artist. She is the co-founder of Riviera Laser Studios (Dana Point, Calif.), a boutique practice focused on nonsurgical facial aesthetics via lasers and regenerative long-lasting biostimulants. She is currently a trainer and speaker for Suneva Medical, a Galderma Gain trainer, Prollenium Versa trainer and a Merz trainer. In 2013, Dr. Kofford won The Aesthetic Award for Best Nonsurgical Facial Rejuvenation Enhancement. This winning entry featured the signature MiXto/Bellafill/ Sculptra combination treatment. In 2014 she also won The Aesthetic Award for Best Facial Injectable Enhancement.

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