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GC Aesthetics introduces a new lifetime warranty, the GCA Comfort Plus Warrant

Article-GC Aesthetics introduces a new lifetime warranty, the GCA Comfort Plus Warrant

GC Aesthetics introduces a new lifetime warranty, the GCA Comfort Plus Warrant

GC Aesthetics Ltd, one of the world’s leading producers of silicone implants has announced a brand new lifetime warranty on all GC Aesthetics’ breast implants.[1]

With more than 3 million implants sold in the last 10 years[2] and long-term market experience and expertise, GC Aesthetics (GCA) is introducing a new lifetime warranty which provides additional coverage to show its commitment to patients and their wellbeing.

The previous GCA Comfort Guarantee provided free of charge implants replacement in the event of a rupture or a capsular contracture (Baker grade III/IV) post implantation surgery. This coverage will now be enhanced with the new GCA Comfort Plus warranty.

The new warranty continues to provide free of charge implants replacement in the event of a rupture or a capsular contracture (Baker grade III/IV) post implantation surgery, and also now provides free, automatic and retrospective cover for BIA-ALCL (Breast Implant Associated-Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma) when clinically diagnosed by surgeons or other medically qualified professionals for products implanted since 1st of January 2009.

In addition, in the case of a confirmed BIA-ALCL the new warranty could provide reimbursement of up to $3,000 towards the cost of necessary medical scan(s) and the cost of necessary surgery to remove the GC Aesthetics breast implant(s) and replace them with a more suitable GCA solution.

GC Aesthetics will replace breast implants with any model, size, or style from the significant range of GCA breast implants currently featured in their catalogue.

This warranty innovation is a significant additional benefit and provides additional coverage for patients with GC Aesthetics’ (Nagor or Eurosilicone) silicone gel-filled breast implants. Furthermore, the upgraded warranty is also key for plastic surgeons when deciding on the choice of implant to use based on a recent Global Market Research study[3].

During the last 10 years, there have been no cases of BIA-ALCL with GC Aesthetics’ smooth breast implants and a rate of less than 0.0007% with GC Aesthetics’ textured breast implants.[4]

The risk of developing BIA-ALCL in patients with breast implants is extremely rare, GCA recognises the need for patients and surgeons to have peace of mind and feel safe with their chosen products, which have been carefully developed by experts and are backed up by long-term clinical data[5].

Manuela Schneider-Höfferer, PhD Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), said:

“Our employees are proud about the quality of our implants, our strong clinical data and long-term relationships with our customers and patients. Upgrading our warranty to a Comfort Plus Warranty is our way to continue to be a real for life partner for all our customers. Safety always comes first and providing confidence to our patients is essential”.

Regarding the importance of the GCA Comfort Plus warranty for both patients and physicians, who will both find reassurance from this update, Manuela commented:

“For more than 40 years, GC Aesthetics through its Nagor and Eurosilicone brands has been a reliable partner in the Women Healthcare Aesthetic surgery domain. Every day we work closely with recognized surgeons and understand that the dialogue with their patients regarding BIA-ALCL is not always easy. The Comfort Plus Warranty will help both surgeons and patients to facilitate this communication by providing even more security, reliability and giving patients peace of mind.”

For more information regarding the GCA Comfort Plus warranty, both existing patients, physicians and those considering silicone implants can visit the GC Aesthetics website for the latest information and updates.

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About GC Aesthetics  

GC Aesthetics is an established global medical technology company that develops, manufactures in-house and markets a comprehensive range of proprietary aesthetic products that empower patients to feel confident and secure in their personal journey. Throughout 40 years of commercial presence, GCA has been dedicated to advancing the science of medical aesthetics and delivering high-quality silicone breast implants under its premium Nagor and Eurosilicone brands, primarily for breast augmentation and breast reconstructive surgery. More than 3 million women and men across 70 countries have trusted GCA products, which are supported by published 10-year clinical data demonstrating compelling safety and clinical effectiveness. The company’s vertically integrated strategy enables exceptional clinical, operational and commercial performance, which allows GCA to provide competitively differentiated products to physicians and patients. Through a culture of continuous innovation and dedication to customer-responsiveness, GCA has established itself as a leading provider of medical aesthetics solutions and the partner-of-choice for patients seeking to improve their lives.

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1) *Warranty applies to all GCA silicone gel breast implants implanted by an appropriately qualified and licensed Physician in accordance with accepted surgical procedures and techniques, and in strict accordance with the GCA “Instructions for Use” supplied with the product

2) GC Aesthetics data on file

3) GC Aesthetics Global Market Research study December 2019

4) GC Aesthetics data on file

5) Duteille F, et al. Aesthet Surg J Open Forum 2019;1.(2) 1–10;

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