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Ask the Doctor: Leg Veins

Article-Ask the Doctor: Leg Veins

Q: Leg veins are troubling me. Is there a way to get rid of them?a: There are several methods for treating leg veins, including injections (called sclerotherapy) and lasers. These procedures are typically performed for the smaller spider veins, but can be used in some cases for larger veins, as well. Additionally, endovenous ligation is a method that can be used for larger vessels. In these cases, a tube is inserted into the larger vein and either heat or laser is applied to the vein to close it. While in most cases, injections and lasers can be used for the smaller veins, the treatment decision will depend on how efficient the circulation is to the area and if there are any deeper veins that may be affecting what is seen on the surface of the skin. The good news is that most of the time, these treatments are successful, but the bad news is that treatments will probably need to be repeated over time.

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