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Radiofrequency treatment shown to address more than cosmetic vaginal tightening

Article-Radiofrequency treatment shown to address more than cosmetic vaginal tightening

Radiofrequency treatment shown to address more than cosmetic vaginal tightening

ThermiVa’s inventor Red Alinsod, M.D., says the nonsurgical radiofrequency treatment that Thermi Aesthetics launched in 2015 for cosmetic vaginal tightening has been shown in recent clinical studies to increase blood flow and vaginal moisture, as well as treat symptoms of overactive bladder and bladder leakage. The treatment has even improved women’s sexual sensitivity and ability to orgasm. 

Dr. Alinsod, who presented on the evolution of radiofrequency treatment in cosmetic gynecology yesterday at The Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas, says that more than 15,000 women have been treated, worldwide, with ThermiVa since its release. And it is the most researched radiofrequency device for feminine restoration.

“Nonsurgical radiofrequency has completely transformed feminine rejuvenation,” says Dr. Alinsod, a uro-gynecologist and aesthetic vulvovaginal surgeon, who practices in Laguna Beach, Calif.

Aesthetic meetings didn’t feature symposia on feminine health until The Aesthetic Show covered the topic of ThermiVa and other vaginal rejuvenation options three years ago, he said.

“Now every major [aesthetics] meeting around the world addresses feminine health with half-day or full-day symposia,” he says.

And today’s physician audiences go beyond surgeons, to include primary care specialties from dermatology and gynecology to urology and internal medicine.

Originally developed to tighten the vagina and vulva, ThermiVa now boasts published histopathologic and clinical evidence to show an improvement in internal and external vaginal blood flow. The improvement in blood flow in women has resulted in increased vaginal moisture, including among perimenopausal and menopausal women.

Researchers have found skin shrinkage resulting from radiofrequency treatment is not just for looks. Treatment inside the vagina to shrink the mucosa covering the bladder and mucosa covering the rectum help reduce symptoms of mild-to-moderate prolapse and mild-to-moderate stress incontinence, according to Dr. Alinsod.

Still other research has shown that along with the shrinkage of these tissues and resulting improvement in blood flow, comes a reduced incidence of overactive bladder.

“Radiofrequency treatment in my practice works as well as oral medication for reducing the symptoms of overactive bladder, meaning we don’t have to use medicines that cause dry mouth and constipation,” Dr. Alinsod says.

In a paper published earlier this year, researchers reported ThermiVa treatment increased small nerve fiber density, which reduces by one third to one half the time it takes to achieve and orgasm, according to Dr. Alinsod.

So far, the findings related to ThermiVa treatment have been positive, according to Dr. Alinsod.

“With radiofrequency, after approximately 85,000 treatments, no serious adverse reactions—blisters, burns, scarring or cancer—have been reported,” he says. “Results appear to be reproducible with touchups once or twice a year.”