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You Will Rave About Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2023

Article-You Will Rave About Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2023

Vegas Cosmetic Surgery (VCS), the leading multispecialty conference covering every conceivable aspect of medical aesthetics, has been rebooted! The addition of new and trending procedures, techniques, and research is designed specifically to address the challenges and opportunities in today’s marketplace.


“Attendees are always top of mind when we are planning for VCS, and we elevated that to the next level for the 2023 program,” explained co-chairs Renato Saltz, MD and Steven Dayan, MD, in a joint statement. “We conducted the research. We scoured the surveys. We spoke to the market. We listened and acted on what we learned. “And that intelligence very much informed our decision making as we embarked on our vision of refreshing, revitalizing, and reimagining VCS 2023,” they continued. “It is with surgical precision that the Scientific Advisory Board has developed unforgettable experiences, cutting edge content and forward-thinking faculty.”

It is a sure bet you’re going to like what you see. The 2023 event will still bring you a highly innovative program deeply committed to breakthrough science. But this year, you’ll find a brand-new approach with thoughtfully reinspired learning formats, as well as unique, robust content. Which means there are plenty of reasons you – and your team – won’t want to miss VCS, June 8-10, 2023, at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Let’s start with these five:

1. You Will Explore the Hottest Trends and Catch up on What’s New

With its diverse programming – from nonsurgical treatments and techniques to the hottest trends and the latest innovations in traditional and minimally invasive surgery – VCS attracts a wide range of medical specialties and disciplines from around the world.

And with good reason. The VCS program is packed with sessions covering the most important topics and latest innovations in aesthetic medicine to help you deepen your knowledge, expand your treatment horizons and gain practical methodologies and solutions.

For example, a series of Spotlight Sessions provide main-stage education featuring injectables lectures; treatment demonstrations; cadaver anatomy; sessions comparing surgical, minimally invasive surgical and nonsurgical treatment options; case study panels; group discussions; and more.

In short, you’ll be immersed in the most compelling conversations in aesthetic medicine – challenging you and your team to realize a forward-thinking approach to aesthetic medicine.

2. You Will Mine the Minds of Those You Admire

Taught exclusively by the most accomplished physicians, VCS includes a dedicated track to plastic surgery and one for minimally invasive surgery, among others. Based on attendee demand, the 2023 plastic surgery track delivers a renewed focus on proven courses of action, methods, and techniques in fully invasive facial and body surgery. From fundamentals to advanced approaches, complication management to current controversies, you’ll find intriguing content taught in a variety of formats. Additionally, approaches that minimize incisions, scarring, downtime, and general anesthesia are in high demand from consumers. That’s why this year’s event introduces a new track that hones in on minimally invasive advances to traditional surgical interventions. This carefully curated series will focus on the evolving techniques, methods, insights, and experiences that are helping to elevate plastic surgery and provide even more treatment options for your patients. Bottom line: This combination of deep dives creates a hard core educational program for you to refresh your skills and ensure you are providing top-notch, modern patient care.

3. You Will Nurture Your Business Side

 VCS also provides you and the staff who are the operational backbone of your practice the time to think about the business and management side of things. The dedicated Business Management track will focus on delivering practical processes and solutions through immersive sessions led by subject matter experts – including real-world practice owners, managers and staff.

Here are just a few of the things you can expect from this track:

• Ace the fundamentals of financial planning.
• Examine recent regulatory updates and changes.
• Hear about processes to simplify your office flow and improve the patient experience.
• Receive tips for launching new treatments and programs.
• Master basic sales techniques that everyone in your aesthetic practice should know.
• Explore leadership tactics that create a more productive, positive workplace to optimize employee and patient retention.
• Discover trending practice management topics like patient engagement and retention; brand and practice differentiators; keeping pace with new technology; training and certification standards, and more.
• Get insights from aesthetic marketing experts on how they use social media to its fullest potential – specifically what delivers the best results and highest return on investment.
• Learn how to prepare your practice to be “market ready” at all times. In fact, there is so much to learn, you’d be wise to tag-team the content by bringing your staff. You will all return to the office revitalized and ready to grow!


4. You Will Learn How You Like, and Like What You Learn

To keep your bright and busy mind stimulated, VCS 2023 is putting extra emphasis on catering to a variety of learning styles.

• Do you prefer interactive learning?
• What about hearing real-world examples?
• How do you feel about roundtable panel discussions?
• Are live demonstrations your thing?
• Do case studies resonate?
• Does a workshop sound good?

However you like to master new concepts, VCS has you covered so that you can walk away assured you have the most up-to-date research and rich resources to increase your knowledge, advance your skills, and to improve patient outcomes.

5. You Will Soak in a Fun Atmosphere of Mutual Learning and Respect

Who says learning can’t be fun? In addition to the robust formal education program, VCS 2023 is brimming with formal and informal networking:

• Mingle with your peers during numerous social events.
• Meet innovators in the exhibit hall.
• Swap in-the-trenches stories throughout.

This cross pollination of topics and disciplines offers a unique opportunity to learn things in unexpected places – inspiring you to build your practice with fresh ideas and creative problem-solving.

There are also numerous not-to-miss features of VCS 2023 that you will enjoy such as:

• The MVPs and 4 Under 45: Meet the future of aesthetic medicine during sessions with Medical Aesthetic Vanguards (MVPs) as they reveal their forward-thinking strategies and techniques. Plus, they will share their insights on breakthrough research and case studies supporting successful methodologies. Featuring the next-generation of leaders moving the needle, the 4 Under 45 sessions will connect you with visionary, modern and creative influencers shaping medical aesthetics.

• The Maverick Presenters: Trailblazer presenters who are chosen by you and your peers for having ideas that are the most progressive, out-of-the-box, and likely to be remembered for years to come. And they are back to pepper this year’s programming with presentations that will nurture an event culture of peer-to-peer innovation and knowledge sharing.

• Keynote Address: Examine the key trends shaping the world, work, and society in general during the Keynote Address with Kim Lear, a writer, researcher, and the founder of Inlay Insights. Informed by her latest research, Kim will light up your brain with her presentation on generational insights and provide you with information you won’t get elsewhere. Her generational insights will broaden your horizons on what’s shaping the future of medical aesthetics.

What Are You Waiting For?

 With so much to offer you and your entire team, VCS 2023 promises to be a reinvigorating, resounding event. As fellow aesthetic medical professionals, Drs. Saltz and Dayan have worked hard to make it so.

“You have our word that you will get bold insights and progressive thinking from those who are not afraid to challenge your ways of thinking and advance the needle when you attend VCS 2023."

Check out VCS 23 Program at a Glace.

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