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Women in Aesthetics

Women in Aesthetics: Erica Crawford: Powerhouse of a Leader

Article-Women in Aesthetics: Erica Crawford: Powerhouse of a Leader

Erika Crawford
In another life, Erica Crawford would have been a doctor. “I love medicine,” said the new president of Influx Marketing – but more on that in a mo- ment. “I am fascinated by both surgical and nonsurgical procedures, and I have watched hundreds of them on video, in addition to ob- serving several procedures in person.”

In another life, Erica Crawford would have been a doctor.

“I love medicine,” said the new president of Influx Marketing – but more on that in a moment. “I am fascinated by both surgical and nonsurgical procedures, and I have watched hundreds of them on video, in addition to observing several procedures in person.”

Though she is trained in first aid, it was never in the cards for Erica to become a practitioner herself. Her upbringing did however lend itself to a career path that wound its way back to medicine. After a decade of experience in public relations and business development, she ultimately arrived at Influx Marketing, a leading healthcare marketing agency focused on serving the aesthetics industry.

As for Erica’s upbringing, it offers an instructive look at how she came to be the executive she is today. Even at a young age, Erica demonstrated an insatiable curiosity, which, combined with an uncommon empathy, foreshadowed an aptitude for understanding the needs of others.

A couple notable anecdotes; traveling frequently as a young child, Erica would convince flight attendants to let her serve drinks to other passengers on the plane. At age 12, she would chime in and offer her advice during her parents’ work meetings – which, she notes, they encouraged her to do, thus making her more confident in talking to others.

Erica describes her father as an important role model for her. From growing up in poverty in Watts, Calif., to serving in the military, to providing for his family with jobs in sales and management, he worked hard to make a better life for those who depended on him the most.

She credits him not only for her work ethic, but her expertise as a leader. “My dad worked very long hours,” said Erica, “but he used to let me sit in his office and listen in on his calls and talks with people. I realized that he spent most of his time listening to people instead of talking, and this observation stood out to me. It taught me the importance of listening to people and seeing what help they need, versus just trying to pitch them something.”

Erica’s mother set a standaErica with her dog, Snooprd for her of everything a woman can achieve, and provided her with a blueprint for standing up to the patriarchy. “She worked full-time while also raising children,” explained Erica. “She was passionate about equality for women and human rights, and she exposed me to some harsh realities in this world at a young age. We went on many adventures together, including traveling to Kenya to open up orphanages. I credit my mom for pushing me as a woman. She taught me how to assert myself and to never doubt my abilities or skills in the workplace.”

Thus, it could almost be described as inevitable for Erica to assume her new role as the president of Influx Marketing. The first to fill this position for Influx, she dedicates her time to overseeing the agency’s industry and KOL relations, as well as fostering strategic partnerships.

The fact that she works at the intersection of largely male-dominated fields such as marketing, aesthetics and tech is all the more impressive considering that, Erica is the first female President at any of the roughly 30 medical marketing agencies in the U.S.

“I was excited to step into this new role and help guide Influx in its ongoing mission to elevate the standard of digital marketing services for private aesthetic practices,” Erica expressed, “because I love to see people become more confident in their own skin, and the aesthetic medical technologies and treatments of today are making this truly possible.

This also gives me the opportunity to positively impact and inspire other women leaders throughout the industry.”

Those who know Erica can attest that she insists on honesty and transparency in her interactions with clients because it is important to her to help guide patients to trusted aesthetic practices that get great results – which ultimately means a win for everyone involved.

“I am incredibly straightforward with my friends and family, and that extends to my clients,” she said. “I will always say what’s on my mind and give advice that I feel will benefit them.”

At the same time, Erica advises others in aesthetics to remember that it is still a business. You can be the best provider, with spectacular results, but if you don’t treat your practice as a business and manage it properly, it will not grow or expand.”

When asked for the secret to her success, Erica is forthcoming about obsessively learning every last facet about her clients and their specializations. “For example, at Influx I am not only very familiar with every service we offer, and exactly how we provide our services, but I am also knowledgeable about every procedure, device, injectable, or laser that a plastic surgeon or medspa may have or perform. I will spend hours and hours learning and reading, each and every week, so that I always stay ahead of the curve to provide good advice to my clients.”

Erica’s fondness for medicine extends to the animal kingdom as well. She recently helped rescue a cat that had the poor fortune of being struck by a vehicle. This included spending the night with the cat at an emergency vet and fostering it until it was adopted. “I’ve loved animals for as long as I can remember,” she said. “I work with two rescue groups in Los Angeles and foster and rescue animals. I also donate to my local shelter. I have a dog with a disability that I love dearly, and she is being used as a case study for paralysis rehab. Her name is Snoop.”

In another life, she might have been a doctor, or perhaps a veterinarian. But in this life, Erica is a powerhouse of a leader who genuinely cares about making a difference in the lives of her clients and, through this work, the lives of medical aesthetic patients.

Good to Know
Fast Facts about Erica Crawford

Q: What is your favorite show?

The Wire. Literally my pets are all named after people in that show.

Q: What is your favorite song?

I couldn’t limit it to just one so here are my top three!
1. Keep Ya Head Up – Tupac
2. Move on Up - Curtis Mayfield
3. Runaway Love - Ludacris and Mary J. Blige

Q: What is something unexpected about you?

This always surprises people who haven’t known me for long – I rode a motorcycle for ten years until quite a few of my doctor friends convinced me to give it up.

Q: What is your favorite quote?

“Be as you are and hope that it’s right.” — Dizzy Gillespie

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