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We wanted to open a medspa, this is how we did it

Article-We wanted to open a medspa, this is how we did it

We wanted to open a medspa, this is how we did it

The idea of opening a medical and wellness spa was first set in motion as we started to feel the effects of aging. We knew there were others who were experiencing these same feelings so we envisioned a business would that would affordably help people stay healthy and serve as a solution to problems they couldn’t solve on their own.

While neither of us have a background in medicine or aesthetics, with our previous successful business endeavors we were confident we could build a trusted medical and wellness spa for celebrities and everyday people alike.

Since opening the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center (BHRC) in 2005 we’ve grown to 12 locations across the country, and we have learned a lot about what it takes to be a successful franchise in the aesthetic and beauty industry. Here is what we discovered:

  • A strong team sets you up for success – Whether it is your VP of Operations or medical counsel, if you have a team comprised of educated and experienced individuals at the table then you will be set for success to make informed decisions. Having an over-arching medical counsel helps us make fully informed decisions on how to incorporate new practices, techniques, and tools into our services.
  • The advantage of medical professionals as owners – Physicians, surgeons, nurse practitioners and other medical professionals have an upper hand when opening their own medspa. With medical and science backgrounds they understand terminology, most equipment and safe practices. Medical professionals know firsthand what their staff should be capable of and the experienced individuals they’re looking to hire, and they can treat their medspa like their own private practice within the beauty and aesthetic industry.
  • Benefits of franchising – For individuals looking to become successful independent business owners, but don’t know how to start a business, franchising is a win-win situation. Franchising helps to fill the gaps of what an entrepreneur doesn’t know and what they want to accomplish. Franchises provide their franchisees with the necessary tools, industry expert knowledge, operation systems and support to have a successful business. A company can grow through franchising, and franchisees can be independent business owners with the support of an existing proven system
  • Semi-absentee business – Not every person who wants to be a business owner wants to be heavily involved with the day-to-day operations. Depending on the franchise, operation system and the demands of each business, franchising can be semi-absentee. For us, we know that there is a great value in allowing our franchisees to be semi-absentee in their medspas. For medical professionals especially, it is the best of both worlds for them to continue in their practices while running a thriving medspa business that doesn’t interfere with their existing schedules.

We credit our success to our grit, the incredible team that supports us and our franchisees that have helped us grow successfully. When you combine a copious amount of determination with knowledge, there is no limit to how successful you can be.

About the Authors:

Dan Holtz, practice management, best practice techniques, med spaDan Holtz
Mr. Holtz opened Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center in 2005 with business partner Devin Haman. Known as the “Wellness Expert to the Stars,” Mr. Holtz believes that every individual has the right to look and feel their best. His journey to founding BHRC started in the 1990s, as he noticed his health gradually deteriorating. He put together a team of trained medical professionals to help combat all the things in life that cause the body to break down and change.

Devin Haman, practice management, best practice techniques, med spaDevin Haman
Mr. Haman co-founded Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center with long time business partner, Dan Holtz, in the heart of Los Angeles. With a degree in mechanical engineering, but the spirit of an entrepreneur, Mr. Haman has successfully opened numerous business ventures in a handful of industries. His most recent accomplishment is the growing footprint of BHRC, with the business philosophy to simply be the best in the beauty and aesthetic industry as anti-aging experts.

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