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Multi-Platform Devices to Incorporate Advanced Laser Technology in 2024

Article-Multi-Platform Devices to Incorporate Advanced Laser Technology in 2024

Sponsored by VYDENCE Medical In conjunction with aesthetic procedures becoming more mainstream has come a desire for preventive and regenerative aesthetic therapies. In addition, patients are seeking more non-invasive treatments that address the entire face and result in a natural look, driving many providers to offer combination procedures that treat multiple concerns, often in one session.

Sponsored by VYDENCE Medical

In conjunction with aesthetic procedures becoming more mainstream has come a desire for preventive and regenerative aesthetic therapies. In addition, patients are seeking more non-invasive treatments that address the entire face and result in a natural look, driving many providers to offer combination procedures that treat multiple concerns, often in one session.

Multi-Platform Devices to Incorporate Advanced Laser Technology in 2024According to Stephen Eubanks, MD, a board-certified dermatologist at Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery (Winter Park, Fla.), most aesthetic practices today need to offer a combination of neurotoxins, fillers and laser devices in order to have a versatile and effective aesthetic practice “It does not make economic sense to have five lasers, but now it is possible to obtain a top-of-theline multi-platform device. Ideally, an aesthetic practice would be able to expand by offering intense pulsed light (IPL) and resurfacing with devices that will allow them to do so with a minimal outlay of cost.”

Safety, efficacy and economics are Dr. Eubanks’ top business priorities, and he believes the ETHEREA-MX® multi-platform laser device from VYDENCE® Medical (Miami, Fla.) makes sense for today’s aesthetic practices. “This is a very competitive market, and adding this type of device to an aesthetic practice can help providers get a head start on their business or help existing practices keep up with the competition,” he stated. “The ETHEREAMX is a great start, and the handpieces are very high-end applicators that compete with the more expensive laser devices. In my opinion, this device makes economic sense.”

Often referred to as an aesthetic treatment workhorse, a multi-platform device allows providers to offer a broad range of treatments to expand their portfolio and patient demographics. VYDENCE Medical is a medical technology manufacturer offering three super-platforms with built-in laser cavities, plus seven laser and light-based handpieces, enabling almost 100 aesthetic applications. The devices include ETHEREA-MX, ZYE ALX® and ZYE YAG®, which are complete IPL and laser technologies offering a broad selection of wavelengths and spot sizes.

Multi-Platform Devices to Incorporate Advanced Laser Technology in 2024“VYDENCE is very pleased to bring our diverse and highly efficacious technology to the U.S. market,” stated Andre Tanaka, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of VYDENCE Medical. “With over 3,500 of our platforms being used by top providers all over the world, we are certain that the ETHEREA-MX and ZYE® platforms will be a major asset and advantage for American aesthetic practices, regardless of if they are well-established or just starting out.

“Our lasers offer multiple, truly unparalleled treatment options in single or multiple session approaches, giving providers the ability to treat a variety of conditions with a one-of-a-kind suite of plug-and-play handpiece options with no calibration time in between,” Mr. Tanaka continued. He also explained that their proprietary applicators – the ProDeep® Nd:YAP 1340 nm and revolutionary handPICO® – incorporate unique technology that is priced right, without any consumable costs which further maximizes return on investment (ROI).

Joel Cohen, MD, director of AboutSkin Dermatology and DermSurgery (Denver, Colo.), mentioned that the device and handpiece options add value to his practice. “I am very excited to have this platform. The versatility is extraordinary. Integrating a pico with a diverse array of other handpieces allows treatment of pigment and tattoos as well as vascular lesions and wrinkles as part of a comprehensive platform.”

According to Dr. Eubanks, the ETHEREA-MX has a combination of devices, or handpieces, that provide a broader range of treatments compared to other multi-platform devices currently available. Some of his most popular handpieces include the ProDeep, DualMode® and ACROMA-QS®.

Dr. Eubanks shared his insights about these handpieces. “ProDeep is an Nd:YAP, unique in offering a 1340 nm wavelength. This non-ablative fractional device is my most useful applicator so far,” he shared. “It is providing remarkable reports of off-label uses, too, as it appears to treat active acne. In addition, some physicians are beginning to look at this wavelength for hair restoration, as well.

Before and after treatment with the ETHEREA-MX using IPL-Sq and ProDeep Photos courtesy of Lisa Kellett, MD“The DualMode is a fractional Er:YAG handpiece, which is not uncommon except that this has two different modes for tissue ablation and coagulation in the same pulse, similar to the most advanced CO2 lasers,” Dr. Eubanks continued.

“With both 1064 nm and 532 nm wavelengths, the dual-wavelength, Q-switched ACROMAQS is a super powerful handpiece that provides much higher output energy than other devices. I can utilize multiple spot sizes with more control over the intensity and in fewer sessions, which is great for my patients. In addition, the IPL-Sq® handpiece (or SquarePulse IPL®) has multiple filters similar to some of the more popular, higher-end IPLs,” Dr. Eubanks reported.

Evidence-Based Laser Aesthetics

The last decade has seen a rise in cosmetic procedures, with the global aesthetic laser market expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.6% from 2022 to 2030, according to Grand View Research.1 Many in the industry attribute this trend to social media along with the rise of online meetings. Regardless of the reason, it is clear that relying on evidence-based laser aesthetic treatments can add confidence to both the provider and patient.

Before and after four treatments with ProDeep Photos courtesy of Alexandre Filippo, MDAging naturally comes with the decline of new collagen formation, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles, skin discoloration and more. Aesthetic laser treatments are effective as they channel targeted energy to both deep and superficial layers to stimulate collagen production for skin tightening and more. Today, laser treatments are widely used in cosmetic dermatology and surgery for facial resurfacing, rejuvenation and pigmentation. In addition, according to the American Academy of Dermatology laser treatments for acne and scarring may be effective when added to a patient’s current treatment plan.2

Thanks to advanced technologies like ETHEREA-MX and ZYE, laser treatments have expanded well beyond hair and tattoo removal. Aesthetic practices are now able to offer facial rejuvenation, anti-aging treatments, laserbased facials and peels with a device that is more comfortable, efficient and cost-effective.

Techniques and Tips

Before and after four treatments with ProDeep Photos courtesy of Alexandre Filippo, MDETHEREA-MX allows physicians to customize treatments for patients of all demographics by combining different handpieces to address various layers of skin concerns. “I always start with the IPL-Sq handpiece because you want to leave the surface untouched before you start treating pigmentation,” Dr. Eubanks advised. “I may follow that with ProDeep for fine wrinkles or acne scars, and maybe do a third treatment with the DualMode for a mild tightening effect.”

Michael Gold, MD, cosmetic dermatologist and founder of Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, Tenn., has been providing IPL laser treatments for 30 years and recently added the ETHEREA-MX to his practice. “ETHEREA-MX is a very well-built platform. An advantage is that you can perform many treatments with just one device, which is a benefit for many providers in this time of economic uncertainty. Another advantage is that the power is in the handpiece,” he said. “I think this will be a very exciting option for new practices getting into the laser space and will be a welcome addition to those who are already in the laser space and want to expand their offerings, without necessarily breaking their bank. It is cost effective with a great ROI.”

Dr. Gold uses the ETHEREA-MX IPL-Sq handpiece for pigment and vascular concerns as well as skin rejuvenation, and it has performed well. “The IPL-Sq is an important device because I do IPL treatments all day long for vascular lesions, rosacea and pigmentary concerns. We use it for melasma on occasion, and photofacial treatments year-round, so we often have more than one IPL going at the same time. VYDENCE’s IPL-Sq is comparable to what I use and helps me accomplish my treatment goals.

“The handPICO 1064 nm wavelength is a fascinating device, and can be used for fine lines, to make wrinkles less apparent, rejuvenate the skin, and treat superficial scarring,” Dr. Gold continued.

Dr. Gold also anticipates using the ProDeep as part of a combination treatment for hair. “In the aesthetic space, treating wrinkles and helping patients grow hair are important,” he stated. “I helped bring some of the non-ablative fractional skin resurfacing devices to the FDA, so I am very comfortable with the technology. In addition, we treat hair all the time and we are excited about, and anticipate, using this device as part of our hair restoration treatments.

Dermatologist Lisa Kellett, MD, combines dermatological medicine with the latest laser technologies at her practice, DLK on Avenue (Toronto, Ontario, Canada). “We are currently using the ETHEREA-MX platform,” she began. “Our handpieces include the ProDeep, which is great for global skin rejuvenation, including scarring, and effective in improving skin texture. We use the DualMode, which uses a fractionated laser to help thicken tissue and reduce the visible lines of aging and expression, for forehead, eyes, neck and chest treatments. It benefits our patients with little to no discomfort and minimal downtime because of the coagulating feature. We also use the IPL filters of 540 nm and 515 nm to treat red and brown issues of the skin.”

Dr. Kellett prefers multiple modality devices as they allow treatment stacking and the ability to target numerous issues including dark spots, rosacea and skin laxity as well as textural issues such rhytids. “From a clinical perspective, this translates into the treatment of patients whereby in just one treatment session we are able to treat a variety of concerns by combining multiple treatment modalities.

“One of our favorite combination treatments is for acne, Dr. Kellet began. “We use the 400 nm blue light filter to target active acne pustules and then we follow that up with a 640 nm filter to treat the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation as a result of the acne. This one device has multiple handpieces, so we can streamline our treatment by using the ProDeep non-ablative handpiece to reduce the inflammation and individual lesions, and then the fractional handpiece to treat scarring from previous acne. So, in one treatment session we treat the manifestations of acne, the active pustules and the post-inflammatory changes.

“DualMode is a common handpiece we use for aging skin,” Dr. Kellett continued. “Aging skin is a great example because you do not just age in one dimension. For example, a patient may have some brown spots from the sun, textural changes with fine lines, and then possibly telangiectasia from aging, as well as some old scarring or deeper rhytids. All of these issues can be associated with aging. We can treat all of these issues in one treatment session. One of our treatment regimens is to begin with the DualMode followed by the IPL handpiece. This is a better experience for the patient because they only have to show up for one treatment session and we treat the multiple manifestations of aging in that session. It is convenient for the patient, it is time saving for the provider, and we are able to provide patients with a more efficacious treatment.”

Vydence Handpiece collection

Diversify Your Practice

Many physicians and providers today are diversifying their practices by adding aesthetics, while many who are already in the aesthetics business are diversifying their services. Doing so allows physicians to open their practices to a wider patient base with low-risk, elective procedures that offer positive outcomes for most patients. VYDENCE has kept providers and patients in mind when they created their multi-platform devices, with not only multiple handpieces, but also additional attachments that diversify the application of certain handpieces.

Before and after four treatments with ProDeep Photos courtesy of Alexandre Filippo, MD“The advantage of a VYDENCE device for a practice is that it offers quality in terms of time investment and physical space,” said Dr. Kellett. “You can use one room to treat multiple concerns, whereas if you had one device to treat hyperpigmentation and one for resurfacing, it is more likely you would be using two separate rooms. But one device that does all of the treatments allows you to use one room without moving the patient around. In addition, if your state allows it, you can delegate the treatments to your medical staff, freeing you and other office rooms for more treatments.”

Device Support

Dr. Gold offered advice for providers who desire to add laser technology to their practices. “If you are a new provider, keep in mind that VYDENCE is one of the leading manufacturers of laser devices. They have made it through the tough FDA criteria, which ensures their efficacy and safety. I believe adding a VYDENCE laser device will help aesthetic practices differentiate themselves from other practices in their area,” he mentioned.

Providers who invest in laser technology should be assured they will have access to adequate training and device maintenance as well as ongoing support. “I feel the VYDENCE technology allows us to provide effective treatments of multiple skin concerns, while working with a team that is passionate about the technology and their products,” Dr. Kellett emphasized. “During training our team was provided with a great foundation, so we were able to adapt and learn quickly and we are now able to use multiple ETHEREA-MX handpieces in combination with existing technologies, which results in consistent and effective results. Their passion is contagious, and their technology is backed by science and results.”


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