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Latest Pico Laser Pushes the Boundaries of Possibility

Article-Latest Pico Laser Pushes the Boundaries of Possibility

Sponsored by LASEROPTEK Laser technology has transformed the aesthetic field with devices that are sleek, versatile, user-friendly and effective.

Sponsored by LASEROPTEK

Laser technology has transformed the aesthetic field with devices that are sleek, versatile, user-friendly and effective. While nanosecond technology-based laser treatments are a Latest Pico Laser Pushes the Boundaries of Possibilitycornerstone of many cosmetic practices, more devices are becoming available that offer picosecond technology for effective treatments with less downtime and improved comfort.

Of these devices, the PicoLO Premium™ laser from LASEROPTEK (San Diego, Calif.) represents a major step forward in picosecond pulse lasers. With its patient-centric design, PicoLO Premium exceeds expectations with treatments for pigmented lesions, scar correction, tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation.

“The PicoLO Premium is not your ordinary pico technology,” explained dermatologist Arisa Ortiz, MD (San Diego, Calif.). “Unlike other devices, it can penetrate deeper to stimulate collagen remodeling and skin tightening. This creates a great treatment option for skin rejuvenation that is safe for all skin types with minimal downtime.”

At the heart of its versatility is the concept of Pico Sculpting & Toning treatments. With the PicoLO Premium, practitioners can sculpt and refine facial contours, address areas of laxity, and improve overall skin texture and tone with unmatched precision. Its advanced design prioritizes patient comfort and safety, and reduces downtime. The consistently delivered controlled bursts of laser energy at picosecond speeds transform the patient experience by minimizing the discomfort associated with traditional laser treatments. With shorter treatment durations and minimal recovery time, patients can enjoy the benefits of skin rejuvenation without disrupting their daily routines.

“We use the dual wavelength 1064 nm / 532 nm fractional technology for pico-toning and as a final step in some facial rejuvenation single session algorithms,” reported dermatologist Victor Ross, MD (San Diego, Calif.). “The fractional handpiece allows us to globally improve the tone and texture of the skin with little pain and downtime.”

PicoLO’s uniqueness lies in its ability to deliver stable energy and pulse duration, ensuring consistent and predictable outcomes with each treatment session, not often found with other devices. Additionally, PicoLO Premium has the ability to generate laser-induced optical breakdown (LIOB) with its range of fractionated beam handpieces that stimulates the skin’s natural healing response to promote collagen production and tissue regeneration.

Dermatologist Philip Werschler, MD (Spokane, Wash.) credits the unique handpieces for his ability to provide treatments that are not often associated with pico technology. “With its innovative DIA FX 1064 fractionated handpiece the PicoLO allows us to perform the ‘Pico Sculpting & Toning’ treatments,” he stated. “With this handpiece, we can selectively create LIOB micro-wounding in tissue at three differenBefore and after treatment with the PicoLO Premium laser Photos courtesy of Victor Ross, MD, CAPT, MC, USNt depths, remove pigment and create lifting and tightening we have never seen before from an aesthetic laser. It has been a real game changer for us, and our patients love the results.

“In addition to Pico Sculpting & Toning, we use the zoom lens at both 1064 nm and 532 nm wavelengths to finely target stubborn benign pigmented lesions on the face, neck, hands, arms and décolleté,” Dr. Werschler elaborated. “LASEROPTEK has created a real workhorse Pico laser that delivers.”

By harnessing the power of LIOB and the ability to deliver predictable outcomes, PicoLO Premium and LASEROPTEK would like providers and their patients to experience transformative possibilities by redefining beauty and confidence one treatment at a time.

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