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The Latest Innovations in Regenerative Aesthetic Treatments

Article-The Latest Innovations in Regenerative Aesthetic Treatments

Sponsored by BENEV Company, Inc. Regenerative treatments are driving the aesthetic industry with innovations that improve the look and health of skin and hair. In addition, comprising a wider range of demographics and motivations, today’s aesthetic patients demand optimal outcomes with treatments that not only help them look great, but also stall or reverse the aging process.

Sponsored by BENEV Company, Inc.

Regenerative treatments are driving the aesthetic industry with innovations that improve the look and health of skin and hair. In addition, comprising a wider range of demographics and motivations, today’s aesthetic patients demand optimal outcomes with treatments that not only help them look great, but also stall or reverse the aging process.

The Latest Innovations in Regenerative Aesthetic TreatmentsLeading with innovative solutions in regenerative aesthetic treatments, BENEV Company, Inc. (Mission Viejo, Calif.) is helping providers keep up with the demand for a more holistic approach to skin and scalp revitalization. BENEV continues to expand their portfolio of technologies that give patients the efficacious treatments they want with little to no downtime.

Radiofrequency (RF) Microneedling with Continuous Wave and Pulse Wave Modes in One Device

As RF microneedling has become a staple for many aesthetic physicians, Sylfirm X stands apart from other devices by delivering both continuous wave (CW) and pulse wave (PW) technology in a single device with 300 micron to 4 mm depth for optimal revitalization. “Continuous The Latest Innovations in Regenerative Aesthetic TreatmentsWave (CW) means a continuous delivery of energy for a set period of time, while Pulsed Wave (PW) provides superficial coagulation to the vessels to correct pigment issues and improve the skin architecture,” explained Steven Weiner, MD, facial plastic surgeon at the Aesthetic Clinique (Santa Rosa Beach, Fla.). “Another feature includes the adjustable settings, making it safe and effective for all skin types, as well as for the face, body, scalp and eyelids.”

Dr. Weiner has written and reported on the safety and science of RF microneedling devices since 2013. Specific to Sylfirm X, he has authored numerous white papers about the technology as the latest version of RF microneedling. “This device produces the Na Effect in a unique way with very little discomfort and downtime, but with similar or improved results from prior versions of RF microneedling,” he reported. “Looking at the various devices we have added to our practice over the last 20 years, Sylfirm X has been the most profitable. Treatments are very well tolerated with high satisfaction, so it has a very high return on investment (ROI).”

“Sylfirm X does what no other device in the world can do,” reported Suneel Chilukuri, MD, director of cosmetic surgery at Refresh Dermatology (Houston, Texas). “It is a bipolar technology, and coagulation is created at only the tip of each non-insulated needle. During a treatment, I can lift the skin so that it appears to sit higher on the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) muscle within the fibroceptal network. The PW allows us to cause apoptosis of superficial blood vessels to lessen the appearance of rosacea and redness, and at the 0.3 mm depth, the upper dermal junction is strengthened without generating heat. This is incredible because we are seeing patients’ skin still clear over two years after treatment.” He added that Sylfirm X is FDA cleared, proven by over 25+ clinical studies with 16 of those studies backed by leading universities and hospitals.

“The patented tapered, non-insulated needle shape that creates the ‘Na Effect’ is exclusive to Sylfirm X and provides a more comfortable experience for my patients,” added board-certified plastic surgeon Renato Saltz, MD (Salt Lake and Park City, Utah). “I often recommend one to three treatments per year for skin revitalization, always followed by the Exosome Regenerative Complex+ (BENEV) to shorten healing time, reduce inflammation and have a greater tissue build response due to the growth factor in the product. With the combination of Sylfirm X and BENEV exosomes, my patients consistently see the effects of firmer and clearer skin tone with reduced redness. Additionally, scars are softer, smaller and lighter in color.”

Semi-Luminous Diode Light Therapy Delivers Greater Efficacy and Customized Treatments

As part of his comprehensive hair care treatments, Richard Goldfarb, MD, a board-certified surgeon and medical advisory staff for BENEV (Dowingtown, Penn.) incorporates energybased treatments via the SMARTLUX MINI® (BENEV) to increase blood flowThe Latest Innovations in Regenerative Aesthetic Treatments. “My hair protocol includes platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with Sylfirm X, Viviscal Pro and SMARLUX MINI treatments. Incorporating all three into one protocol helps us address hair concerns from all angles, and results have been tremendous,” he shared.

Adopting super-luminous diodes (SLDs) for greater intensity and clinical benefits, SMARTLUX MINI is an FDA class II cleared phototherapy device that promotes healthy, rejuvenated skin by combining low-powered and infrared wavelengths. Richard Jin, MD, PhD, director of RJ Clinical Institute and chief medical officer for BENEV (Mission Viejo, Calif.) explained that the SMARTLUX MINI’s wavelengths include blue (415 nm to 425 nm), red (630 nm to 640 nm) and infrared (820 nm to 830 nm). “That really sets this device apart from many others. The ability to use one device to treat clinical conditions from acne to post treatment inflammation to hair loss makes this a versatile device,” he mentioned.

“We can increase the power and depth to treat a multitude of conditions,” Dr. Goldfarb maintained. “Home-use units simply do not offer that kind of versatility. For example, we use the blue light to treat active acne and help reduce inflammation. At 420 nm, the energy penetrates the entire open area down to the deep dermis. We do two 25-minute treatments once per week for eight to ten sessions.” He added that the device also incorporates a cooling feature that makes it significantly more comfortable than other similar devices.

Dr. Jin also incorporates treatments with SMARTLUX MINI into his hair protocols. “I use a combination of the red light and infrared as my patients are being prepped for their hair procedures. This helps stimulate the stem cells down at the level of the follicles and helps calm and soothe the patients as they prepare for the procedure.”

J.D. McCoy, NMD, medical director at Contour Medical (Gilbert, Ariz.) epitomizes the trend of offering regenerative aesthetic treatments using less-invasive technologies and finds that the SMARTLUX MINI not only improves outcomes but enhances the patient experience by reducing downtime and discomfort. “This device is one of the most powerful low-level laser (light) therapy (LLLT) devices I have used,” Dr. McCoy reported. “We use the SMARTLUX MINI as part of a treatment protocol for hair restoration to achieve enhanced penetration of topicals and post-treatment recovery and healing. My favorite protocol includes using the red light in Pulsed Mode (100 Hz) for 20 minutes after treatments such as injections or other energy-based devices, including everything from RF microneedling to full field resurfacing.”

Exosomes – The Next “Small” Thing for a New Future of Skin Regeneration

BENEV Exosome products, powered by Exo-SCRT™, are post care “topical use” cosmetic solutions. These products have been registered and accepted by the Personal Care Product Council (PCPC) and the International Nomenclature Cosmetic Committee (INCI). “The future is bright with exosomes,” expressed board-certified dermatologist Saami Khalifian, MD (Encinitas, Calif.). “This is the new wave of regenerative aesthetics, and BENEV is a company that has so much data and interest in pushing forward the field of exosomes in relation to regenerative aesthetics.”

Exosome Regenerative Complex and Exosome Regenerative Complex+ are dual-action formulations that absorb quickly into the skin delivering the concentrated power of stem cell derived lyophilized exosomes, potent growth factors, peptides, coenzymes, minerals, amino acids and vitamins. The paraben-free, steroidfree and hypoallergenic patented technologies and ingredients are clinically proven to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin.

BENEV’s exosomes were developed in tandem with ExoCoBio (Seoul, South Korea), the fourth largest exosome research company in the world. “BENEV’s exosomes are isolated, highly purified exosomes with no other waste or debris,” Dr. Khalifian shared. “They incorporate a robust filtration process, and the master cell banks they use are highly regulated. South Korea is the only country in the world that regulates master cell donor tissue which has been heavily tested for infectious processes. That high level of scrutiny and data as well as superior product composition is what I am looking for in exosomes.”

A current good manufacturing practice (cMGP) facility dedicated to manufacturing exosomes is operated by BENEV Company. These exosomes are backed by clinical results, with eight U.S. patents, 56 global patents, over 18 publications and 1 million clinical cases globally. $80 million worth of research and development allows the Company to provide consistency and stability with lyophilized exosomes that undergo a stringent purification and filtration process. Purity is ensured through clinical testing and viability in every batch.

“Burn wounds are a top indication for exosomes,” reported plastic and reconstructive surgeon Diane Duncan, MD (Fort Collins, Colo.). “I first used the exosomes to help a vasectomy patient with acute radiation burns. Because they are so effective at reducing recovery time, they are also effective to use after laser resurfacing, RF microneedling and any other energy-based treatments to ensure rapid recovery and a shorter downtime.”

Dr. Duncan emphasized the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of the Republic of Korea (KFDA) oversight and strict donor screening of BENEV’s exosomes ensure a pure product. “The manufacturing process for these exosomes ensures they are more potent. Unlike other products which may include a few exosomes in a sea of lipids, BENEV exosomes contain mostly exosomes, so you get more potency for a greater clinical effect.”

Hair Growth Supplements Clinically Backed to Optimize Hair and Scalp Treatments

Viviscal Pro is a clinically proven hair growth supplement with benefits that range from increased hair diameter, strength and hair count, improved hair growth, and the cessation of hair loss, as reported in the results of ten published clinical studies.

Dr. Chilukuri incorporates Viviscal Pro into his very successful hair regrowth protocol. “I always want to make sure the patient is engaged and concerned about their hair by starting them on this supplement first. IBefore and after treatment with SMARTLUX MINI with Exosome Regenerative Complex Photos courtesy of J.D. McCoy, NMD look at this nutritional supplement as creating a fertile base to provide a boost or advantage for any hair treatment. After using Viviscal Pro for about two weeks, I then do a treatment with Sylfirm X followed by topical exosomes, and the results are remarkable.”

According to Dr. Chilukuri, the addition of BENEV’s unique AminoMar complex is what gives Viviscal Pro the advantage over other hair growth supplements. “The AminoMar Marine complex keeps hair in the antigen phase, making it the key feature of Viviscal Pro. It has the greatest number of clinical studies, each showing significant increases in hair growth with one being a 32% increase in terminal hairs by three months, an 80% increase in terminal hairs at six months and a 12% increase in the hair diameter at the same time.1 This was consistently seen across the studies. In my opinion, Viviscal Pro is impressive not because of the great photos, but because of the science behind it.”

“BENEV spent the time and money to perform clinical research trials that were double blinded, and placebo controlled to verify Viviscal Pro works,” reported Glynis Ablon, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in Manhattan Beach, Calif. “Since the etiology of hair loss or thinning is multifactorial, we need to address all the causes including the environment, hormonal, nutritional, lifestyle and stress factors. We cannot change our genetics, but we can change these other issues. Viviscal Before and after multiple treatments with SMARTLUX MINI Photos courtesy of J.D. McCoy, NMDPro is part of my armamentarium that I use every day in my practice.”

Dr. Goldfarb explained that AminoMar is different than other fish oils due to its ability to enhance hair follicles and keratin. “Viviscal Pro’s unique ingredients nourish hair follicles to restore hair health, so it grows quicker and stronger,” he reported. “When I use it with exosomes or PRP, I always have patients take it as part of the overall treatment plan and then continue it for a total of six months. I did my own study a couple years ago on 100 patients. All showed an increase in the growth and thickness of hair.

Because of this, we feel strongly that patients should include Viviscal Pro when doing any hair treatment plan. The dosage is two pills per day, and we advise our patients to take one pill every twelve hours for continuous nourishment of the hair follicles.”

Polydioxanone (PDO) Threads Gaining Momentum

BENEV’s line of MIRACU PDO Threads® includes specialty threads, ELASTY® LINE, ELASTY® MESHFILL, FORTE® BASIC, FORTE® FIX and the newest thread, ELASTY® LSCO. MIRACU PDO Threads’ pre-loaded cannula has U.S. FDA class II clearance for soft tissue approximation where use of an absorbable suture is appropriate. In a joint venture with Dong Bang Medical, the largest manufacturer of PDO threads and cannulas in the world, MIRACU PDO Threads include a range of molded threads reportedly 10 to 20 times the tensile strength of other PDO threads on the market.

Before and after thread lift using MIRACU PDO Threads Photos courtesy of Jonathan Sigg, PA-CELASTY LINE threads are double coated with PDO and provide superior tensile strength with deep, bi-directional cogs. ELASTY MESHFILL threads uniquely feature a 16-layer mono woven scaffold which can be used with or without dermal filler for superior volumization and reduced migration. FORTE BASIC provides strong fixation with bi-directional cogs while FORTE FIX provides superior traction, hold and fixation with four-dimensional (4D) multi bi-directional blocking technology. ELASTY LSCO features an L-shaped thread for tip support and volumization. Bi-directional cogs on both ends minimize migration. “

MIRACU’s ELASTY LINE threads are made with an anchor on the tip of the cannula instead of a folded thread at the tip,” explained facial cosmetic and oculoplastic surgeon Sheila Barbarino, MD (Austin, Texas and Redondo Beach, Calif.). “This design, alongBefore and after thread lift using MIRACU PDO Threads Photos courtesy of Jonathan Sigg, PA-C with the deep cogs, provides a stronger, more precise tissue fixation. Additionally, the threads are made with dual coating of high polymer PDO in a heatless press which increases the tensile strength of the thread.

“ELASTY MESHFILL threads are great to work with and I have many protocols that I use with them,” Dr. Barbarino continued. “My latest and greatest technique is using them in conjunction with filler for deep glabellar lines/creases, to add fullness to lateral brows, and for deep nasolabial folds.” She added that the threads are reasonably priced and BENEV’s customer service is fantastic. “They really work hard to make sure you feel appreciated as a partner,” she added.

Founder of the Laser Lounge Spa in Naples, Fla., Jonathan Sigg, PA-C, echoes the enthusiasm of using MIRACU PDO threads to address skin laxity. “A large majority of my clients are requesting threads to address laxity in their lower face. I use FORTE BASIC threads with a two-vector traditional pattern, incorporating reverse threads when needed and locking them all in place with reverse superior threads tied to the traditional threads going into the scalp. MIRACU PDO threads provide a superior outcome due to the traction and hold. I place FORTE FIX after each repositioning thread to literally lock threads in place which is extremely unique to this product line.”

According to Mr. Sigg, the trend in aesthetic medicine is leaning towards less fill and more repositioning of soft tissue in a more natural way. “The ROI is also considerably greater on a thread procedure as opposed to fillers and toxins alone. We tell our clients that keeping up with threads will require fewer facial fillers in the long run, which they find very enticing, especially if they are on a budget. Our client satisfaction is phenomenal; our practices have a nearly 90% rebooking rate of thread procedures in 6 to 12 months.”

BENEV Company’s commitment to providers shows in their innovative devices and technologies that help practices keep up with the evolving field of aesthetics. And with five leading technologies, BENEV continues to focus on being a trailblazer in the science and art of regenerative aesthetics.


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