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Integrated portfolio offers turnkey regenerative aesthetics system

Article-Integrated portfolio offers turnkey regenerative aesthetics system

Sponsored by Suneva Medical

When it comes to novel regenerative aesthetic therapies, physicians and consumers alike are seeking innovative technologies to enhance their treatment experience and overall results.

To help grow and elevate practices wanting to enter the regenerative aesthetics market, Suneva Medical (San Diego, Calif.) recently restructured its product portfolio. The company did this by folding its long-lasting dermal filler Bellafill into a comprehensive set of products that includes Puregraft®, a fat grafting system for regenerative facial and body rejuvenation and a leading-edge platelet-rich plasma (PRP) processing technology called Suneva’s HD PRP, which comes with an innovative high-platelet capture design.

According to Regina Fearmonti, MD, a plastic surgeon in San Antonio, Texas, “The Suneva triad addresses key patient needs for all aspects of aging. The portfolio aids in structural support, volume restoration and tissue regeneration, both safely and effectively.”

“This user-friendly platform also gives physicians a simpler way to introduce regenerative aesthetic procedures into their practice,” stated Michael Somenek, MD, a facial plastic surgeon in Washington, DC. “This product combination is extremely forward thinking and very well thought out, consolidating the number of steps for impressive patient out- comes, which is always welcomed because it makes our lives easier.”

When discussing the Puregraft process, Dr. Fearmonti noted, “It increases efficiency and safety during fat harvesting, allowing atraumatic fat processing with minimal manipulation to produce a greater and more reproducible graft. The closed system offers less risk of contamination and facilitates a more automated experience.

“When combined with fat grafting, used after an ablative laser treatment or combined with microneedling, PRP provides a boost of growth factors that stimulates and enhances the skin’s own regenerative mechanisms,” Dr. Fearmonti continued. “Suneva’s PRP system provides a quicker, less painful alternative to other systems and generates two to three times the concentration, which is ideal for use with facial injections and/or microneedling facials.”

“Physicians benefit from using a blend of closed PRP and fat processing systems such as these, that produce high quality results when used correctly,” noted Jason Emer, MD, a cosmetic dermatologist in West Hollywood, Calif., who has used Suneva HD PRP, Puregraft and Bellafill in combination to treat facial rejuvenation and acne scars.

“Suneva has a strong history of offering products that work very well in the field in terms of collagen development and decreased inflammation,” he said.

In regards to the patient reaction to receiving such regenerative therapies, Dr. Somenek stated, “Patients are gravitating towards these cell-based approaches. They love that we are using their own tissue and growth factors. In their minds, this is not an implant or a foreign body that will perhaps get rejected. In fact, we know the body will accept the PRP, fat and filler components we put in, and patients do not have to worry about long-term sequelae or similar complications.”

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