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Enhance Patient Engagement and Practice Growth with Weave

Article-Enhance Patient Engagement and Practice Growth with Weave

Sponsored by: Weave. Aesthetic practices are uniquely personal,which is why they rely on excellent patient communication and rapport. Weave (Lehi,Utah) offers the ideal interaction platform for aesthetic practices to attract new patients, build relationships and turn current patients into ambassadors.

Sponsored by: Weave


Aesthetic practices are uniquely personal, which is why they rely on excellent patient communication and rapport. Weave (Lehi, Utah) offers the ideal interaction platform for aesthetic practices to attract new patients, build relationships and turn current patients into ambassadors. Many aesthetic practices are already taking their business to the next level via Weave’s innovation and automation

Jay Shorr, the founding partner of Shorr Solutions, a Florida-based aesthetic practice consulting firm, recommends Weave to his clients because of the multiple tools that can increase a practice’s bottom line. He pointed out that Weave allows multi-office businesses to easily operate together, automate appointment confirmations, and even attract new customers with review requests.

“We are practice management consultants,” Mr. Shorr explained.“Our clients come to us looking for a recommendation of the best engagement platforms. If something goes wrong, it becomes our responsibility, and bad experiences could result in negative referrals. Because of this, we need to ensure that the platform we recommend offers seamless integration into the practice, which is what we have with Weave.”

Jay ShorrJay Shorr    Founding Partner  Shorr Solutions Orlando, FL

With today’s changing business strategies and unpredictability, patient communication defines an aesthetic practice. Your practice’s ability to keep up with changing patient schedules and send out daily reminders through Weave’s software can work to lessen no-shows. Patients have the ability to fill out electronic forms ahead of time, and getting quick text responses to their concerns results in greater patient satisfaction, all while saving your practice money.

According to Mr. Shorr, ensuring patient engagement creates a more personal and positive experience and is part of a successful business.“Using two-way texting is a great tool for making patient communications bilateral instead of one-way. But it doesn’t have to be from the office, because with this system you can reply from any laptop, mobile device, or smartphone through the Weave mobile app,” he noted.“If patients can have their questions or concerns addressed quickly, they are happier and will provide positive reviews. Reviews are crucial to business success today because people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.”Weave has a built-in Reviews tool that helps your practice generate positive Google and Facebook reviews through a simple text message.

Automation and integration are becoming more common, but according to Mr. Shorr, some businesses are losing money by not taking advantage of certain features.“Practices that aren’t using all the tools in engagement software like Weave may be missing out on providing a better patient experience and limiting their ability to attract new business,” he conveyed. A great tool for never missing an opportunity to engage with potential clients is Weave’s Missed Call Text feature. This tool automatically sends a text any time a call is missed and allows you to begin communicating with patients and potential customers by text. This is particularly important for capturing new business since 90% of missed calls never call back.

Finally, analytics are an important way to help your business thrive. Access to information such as canceled appointment trends and busy call times can help boost monthly production, and automation means you can dedicate more time to your patients.

In today’s competitive aesthetic market, building relationships with integrated technologies like Weave leads to a successful way of doing business that benefits your practice, your staff, and, most importantly, your patients.

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