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DefenAge impresses patients and practitioners

Article-DefenAge impresses patients and practitioners


DefenAge® from Progenitor Biologics, LLC (Carlsbad, Calif.), is a unique topical anti-aging system that stands out in a crowded space. Not only are its Age-Repair Defensins® backed by strong science, the regimen provides its physician dispensers with a profitable, reliable skincare product that is safe and effective in any patient population.

“DefenAge has been around for a few years now but it is still cutting edge in the cosmeceutical world,” said Natalie Curcio, M.D., M.P.H., president and founder of Curcio Dermatology (Nashville, Tenn.). Intrigued by buzz at a dermatology conference a few years ago, Dr. Curcio did her research and brought DefenAge into her practice.

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Since then, patient feedback has been superb. “DefenAge creates such a global improvement when used regularly, that after several weeks patients quickly become DefenAge devotees,” she said.

The DefenAge Clinical Power Trio consists of 8-in-1 BioSerum and 24/7 Barrier Balance Cream for twice daily use, and 2-Minute Reveal Masque for use once or twice weekly. These products are free from constituents known or suspected to be harmful to skin, and packed with compounds that display anti-aging, moisturizing and healing properties, including Age-Repair Defensins. “This product line is good for virtually any patient, but because it is light and moisturizing, it appeals to patients with chronic skin dryness,” Dr. Curcio said.

“DefenAge revives youthful texture and smoothness of skin, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, decreases brown spots and pigmentation, and seems to also help enlarged pores, which in my experience, is uncommon for cosmeceuticals,” she continued. “It decreases redness, reduces sensitivity, and because it is non-comedogenic, it is ideal for patients with acne or rosacea.”

“When people come to my practice wanting the best in cosmeceuticals, this is what we recommend,” Dr. Curcio stated, “and we’ve interwoven DefenAge into many of our treatment protocols because it is the kind of product that can be used easily in combination with other therapies.” A favorite technique, she shared, is to speed healing and further improve skin after fractional resurfacing by applying to the treatment area after 48 hours.

The mechanism of action of the Age-Repair Defensins in DefenAge has been rigorously studied.1 Instead of taxing the faculties of existing mature skin cells, exogenous Age-Repair Defensins stimulate dormant LGR6+ master stem cells, which are the antecedent for all skin cell lines. The numerous benefits of these otherwise inactive cells are naturally ready to be harnessed.

In some cases, the results are life-changing, according to Dr. Curcio. “One patient had recalcitrant facial hyperpigmentation and had almost no success with multiple laser-based and other therapies, alone and in combination. After just eight weeks with only DefenAge and sunscreen, she was almost totally cleared; the before-and-after pictures are shocking,” she reported.

“Another patient was using multiple cosmeceuticals and I added DefenAge to her nightly regimen only. After eight to twelve weeks she called me to say that many friends had asked if she’d had a face-lift,” Dr. Curcio shared.

Most significantly, DefenAge (donated by the company) was a big part of a multivector, pro-bono case involving a local burn victim. “This young man thanked us for giving his life back.”


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