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The Crucial Role of Dual-Wavelength Technology in Medspa Advancement

Article-The Crucial Role of Dual-Wavelength Technology in Medspa Advancement

Sponsored by Advalight Medspas thrive on offering a broad spectrum of tools focused on minimally- or non-invasive therapies.

Sponsored by Advalight

Medspas thrive on offering a broad spectrum of tools focused on minimally- or non-invasive therapies. However, having a solid, reliable, safe workhorse technology provides a foundation The Crucial Role of Dual-Wavelength Technology in Medspa Advancementfor success in the medspa setting – safety and utility are as essential as outcomes.

With 25 FDA-/CE-cleared indications, the ADVATx dual-wavelength laser system from Advalight (Copenhagen, Denmark) serves that purpose well, according to one medspa owner whose busy California practice has come to rely on the device. Its versatility stems from complementary 589 nm and 1319 nm wavelengths. As the gold standard for vascularity, the 589 nm yellow wavelength has recently been shown to reduce porphyrins,* a known pathway to inhibiting inflammation that may assist in the management of inflammatory skin conditions. The 1319 nm wavelength is renowned for thermally induced dermal collagen remodeling, due to its affi nity for water.

Emilia Khajavi, a certified aesthetician, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Setiba Medical Spa (Westlake Village, Calif.) relies on ADVATx. “As a medspa in California, we have to contend with the sun and a crowded marketplace. The versatility and results we see with ADVATx are complemented by the painless, no-downtime nature of treatment and the fact that we can use it on any skin type,” she stated. “We serve a very diverse patient population and see virtually all skin types. ADVATx makes it much easier to manage patient sun exposure, because we can even treat patients who are tanning.”

According to Ms. Khajavi, being so safe and skin-type-friendly has contributed greatly to utility – and profitability overall – in her spa. “Because ADVATx gives us an option to treat anybody safely, we do not havThe Crucial Role of Dual-Wavelength Technology in Medspa Advancemente to turn people away due to skin type or the status of their tanning,” she reiterated. “Patients can be treated close to social events such as weddings because of the lack of downtime, which is an important segment of our patient base. We can treat young and old for aesthetic indications or conditions like acne, which are also medical, with high comfort and no downtime.

“We have an intense pulsed light (IPL) device, and it is useful, but it is also not as comfortable, so many would not return for more treatment, especially teenagers with acne,” Ms. Khajavi continued. “We love ADVATx for that patient population because they embrace it enthusiastically. It does not hurt and is very effective, so they are more enthusiastic and compliant.

“Rosacea patients come in all colors and ages as well,” she added. “As our understanding of the anti-infl ammatory aspects of the treatment expands, we may fi nd even more uses. That has been a huge plus for us for both helping patients and the rapid return on investment (ROI) we experienced. If the device is in regular use, it will pay for itself.”

Ms. Khajavi’s marketing events target the different demographics via their overall campaign of outreach events, newsletter emails, and social media as any practice would, but in her opinion, “ADVATx is a big part of the foundation of our success because regardless of what brings patients into our spa, ADVATx often helps keep them there.”

*Data on fi le, Advalight (Copenhagen, Denmark)

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