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Croma rebrands products for global brand harmonization

Article-Croma rebrands products for global brand harmonization


Preparing to market its products in the United States and other nations, Croma-Pharma GmbH (Leobendorf, Austria) has been gradually rebranding its popular Princess® hyaluronic acid (HA) filler line as saypha® internationally. This highly pure six-product line of fillers spans the range of low to high G’ injectables for superficial, mid-depth and deep implantation, with characteristics designed for safety, efficacy and ease of use.

Roshan Ravindran, M.D., of KLNIK (Manchester, U.K.), is a strong proponent of saypha based on his experience with it and Croma’s other product offerings.

“Unlike the U.K. and some other regions of the world, U.S.-based medical spa clinics have severe limits on the treatments they can provide without physician oversight. As Croma works to penetrate other markets in the world, such as the United States, they want to address this by reinforcing that these high-quality, safe, effective products are medical-grade and for medical professionals,” he explained.

“Since its establishment in 1976 Croma has been a family-owned company, so it can do things a little differently than other companies,” Dr. Ravindran continued. “Furthermore, Croma’s filler production is so advanced and prolific, rivaling even the bigger names in the industry, that for a while they were producing fillers for other companies. This has positioned the company to be able to keep up with production as market penetration expands.”

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Featuring four main offerings, the product line includes non-cross-linked saypha RICH with 18 mg/mL HA plus glycerol for superficial correction, hydration and HA replenishment; saypha FILLER with 23 mg/mL HA and a low level of cross-linking for lips and correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles; saypha VOLUME, also with 23 mg/mL HA but a greater level of cross-linking for contour remodeling, deep fold correction, volumization and reconstruction applications; and saypha VOLUME PLUS with 25 mg/mL of HA and the most cross-linking among the line, for facial reshaping, volume restoration and facial reconstruction.

“RICH is without lidocaine, FILLER and VOLUME may be obtained with or without lidocaine, and VOLUME PLUS is exclusively with lidocaine,” Dr. Ravindran noted.

The filler family is complemented by an award-winning glass syringe designed to promote easy, smooth operation while being free of potential compounds that might leach into the product stored within the syringe and compromise purity.

“Their proprietary syringe won the prestigious iF Design Award in 2017,” said Dr. Ravindran. “It has a wider wing for easier aspiration, thin wall needles, which reduce bruising and other features that make it stand out.”

According to Dr. Ravindran, Croma’s other products, such as Arthrex ACP PRP, ACA and SVF adipose tissue harvesting kits, Princess Skincare Masks and Princess PDO threads will join in the rebranding as well. This will create a brand unity worldwide that will also include Botulax, injectable botulinum toxin from its corporate partner, Hugel, Inc. (Seoul, South Korea).

“These are also excellent products,” Dr. Ravindran began, “especially the PRP and PDO threads, which in my opinion are the best on the market. There are three new products in the thread line, and the UNIVERSKIN skincare brand is excellent. It allows for the most individualized, customizable skincare line with more than 1,100 possible combinations of ingredients for your patients’ specific skin needs.”

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