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Australian Skincare Collection Addresses Major Cause of Skin Aging

Article-Australian Skincare Collection Addresses Major Cause of Skin Aging

Sponsored By RATIONALE; Physicians and skincare scientists agree that 80% of facial aging is caused by the sun, mandating a comprehensive daily skincare approach to solar protection and repair that goes beyond daily sunscreen use.

Sponsored By RATIONALE;

Physicians and skincare scientists agree that 80% of facial aging is caused by the sun, mandating a comprehensive daily skincare approach to solar protection and repair that goes beyond daily sunscreen use.

The “Essential Six” formulations from RATIONALE (Kyneton, Victoria, Australia), offers immune boosters, antioxidants and mineral sun protection by day and barrier repair, pH recalibration and DNA repair at night, delivering an effective regime to deal with the widespread problem of sun damage in Australia. The line is now available in the U.S.


Christie Prendergast, MD, a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, Calif., has been impressed by the rapid results she is seeing in her patients. “It is very rewarding in that you see the things that we look for aesthetically, like brightening, hydration and refined texture, but without irritation. Sun damage is ubiquitous in California, so a regime that focuses on the prevention and repair of solar skin aging is an important priority in my practice.”

Dr. Prendergast maintains that the regime builds a foundation of skin health and resilience, “supporting other modalities that can often be irritating or ablative and allowing you to push the boundaries a bit in terms of medical treatments,” she explained. She also finds the line excellent post-procedurally, routinely recommending the #1 Serum (Resilience), #2 Serum (Vitality) and #4 Crème (Integrity) following reepithelialization after procedures such as microneedling or laser. “It is about customizing the line to each patient and selecting the correct combinations of ingredients that can contribute to improving individual skin health.”

She typically recommends the regimen to busy professionals. With the collections’ numerical system, she can easily mix and match to help patients establish and maintain optimal skin health and prepare for minimally invasive procedures. “The numbers on the bottles make it easy for patients to understand the steps and be compliant. Consistency is key,” Dr. Prendergast noted.

Dermatologist Ellen Gendler, MD (New York, N.Y.), is a clinical associate professor of dermatology at New York University Langone Medical Center. She has been recommending the #3 Tinted Serum SPF50+ (Brilliance Collection) at her practice for around seven months. “It is the most cosmetically elegant mineral sunscreen that I have ever used.”


If people dislike the way a sunscreen looks or feels, they might use it at the beach, but not daily, Dr. Gendler pointed out. “RATIONALE’s #3 Tinted Serum sunscreen is so lovely that I wear it in the evening as makeup.” The product contains 24% zinc oxide in the form of proprietary Zinc Fusion Technology, plus skin identical ingredients such as melanin and heat shock proteins. She states that her patients look forward to applying the sunscreen every day. “To me, that is huge!”

Additionally, Dr. Gendler applauds the company’s commitment to delivering the correct concentrations of the right ingredients in easily-absorbed Skin Identical delivery systems. “Due to company founder Richard Parker’s comprehensive knowledge of skincare ingredient research, RATIONALE formulations are always well-conceived and intentional,” she expressed. “And they do not try to throw in 500 irrelevant ingredients like other lines do.”

Solar Protection is the efficacy of the regime and repair is evidenced in an 18-patient study of the original version of the full product line, where computer assessment at one year demonstrated that mean redness and pigmentation both declined significantly (P1

“The Essential Six Collections does a great job delivering active ingredients in luxurious formulations that people enjoy putting on their face every day,” Dr. Prendergast concluded.


1. Tanaka Y. Long-term objective assessments of skin rejuvenation using solar protection and solar repair shown through digital facial surface analysis and three-dimensional volumetric assessment. Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol. 2019;12:553-561. Published 2019 Aug 2. doi:10.2147/CCID.S218176

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