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Apollo Duet Offers Physicians Versatility with Noticeable Results

Article-Apollo Duet Offers Physicians Versatility with Noticeable Results

Sponsored by WEERO; Today’s aesthetic patients prefer skin rejuvenation treatments that are relatively painless with little to no downtime.

Sponsored by WEERO

Faculty Apollo duetToday’s aesthetic patients prefer skin rejuvenation treatments that are relatively painless with little to no downtime. Resulting from a co-development partnership between WEERO (Suwon, South Korea) and D.B SkinTech Innovation (Israel), the Apollo Duet, manufactured by WEERO, is a cutting-edge device combining powerful bipolar radiofrequency (RF) and electroporation (EL) – also known as iontophoresis. The versatility provided by combining these leading technologies enables physicians to treat a variety of patient concerns with a single device.

Soni Nanda, MD, the founder of Ojas Skin Care in Noida, Mayur Vihar, India, explained that she uses the Apollo Duet for facials, and to address patient concerns of aging. “Apollo Duet has helped us diversify our treatment range,” she reported. “In combination with our conventional treatments like fractional CO2, microneedling radiofrequency (MNRF) and platelet-rich plasma (PRP), the EL feature has helped us increase patient comfort and decrease the side effect profile.”

According to Dr. Nanda, EL, or needleless mesotherapy, is the latest advancement in alternatives to cosmetic injections. While EL enables maximum absorption of therapeutic solutions, the Apollo Duet also incorporates RF to stimulate fibroblasts and regenerate collagen with skin cooling for patient comfort. “Patients are usually very satisfied with the results and happy with the change that they see in their skin. Patient comfort is very high, and we see a very good improvement in the texture and tone of their skin,” Dr. Nanda added.

The Apollo Duet’s combination of technologies provides effective treatments for a wide range of skin concerns including acne, rosacea and irritated skin. Physicians can monitor skin temperature in real time and adjust the treatment accordingly. Operators can also adjust the intensity in EL mode while the pulse is optimally designed for effective topical penetration. The synergy of treatments provides satisfactory results for both practitioners and patients.

Rupali Pavaskar, MD, a cosmetic dermatologist and owner of Transforme Cosmetic Center (Thane, Maharashtra, India), incorporates a holistic approach to treat her cosmetic patients and uses the Apollo Duet in her practice. “Today we need to cater to multiple generations, and each generation comes with a set of expectations regarding the type of treatments they want and the way it is delivered,” she explained. “Apollo Duet helps me cater to all generations in a compact device that offers multiple benefits to treat a variety of concerns.

“RF is great for anti-aging such as skin tightening, skin lifting and wrinkle improvement, and EL is great for cosmetic delivery without needles,” Dr. Pavaskar continued. “The 1 MHz RF offers real-time skin temperature monitoring to minimize risks while it works on skin tightening, and the 5 KHz EL helps rejuvenate skin by creating temporary openings into skin cells for transdermal drug delivery.”

Apollo duet Before afterDr. Pavaskar emphasized that the RF feature of the Apollo Duet is ideal for patients who are not ready for HIFU but still want to see real-time skin lifting, so she offers treatment packages to ensure results align with patient expectations. She added the device is effective at improving skin hydration and can target fine lines and wrinkles by delivering peptides directly into the skin.

The Apollo Duet is a meticulously designed device that offers versatility for physicians, results for patients, and convenience and comfort for both. “Apollo Duet has helped generate more revenue and has elevated our practice to the next level. There is not a single day without the use of Apollo Duet at our clinic,” Dr. Pavaskar shared.

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