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Accelerate Healing and Minimize Downtime with Biome-Boosted Microneedling

Article-Accelerate Healing and Minimize Downtime with Biome-Boosted Microneedling

Sponsored by Crown Aesthetics

Sponsored by Crown Aesthetics

As the aesthetics industry continues the trend towards more integrative treatments for improved skin quality and health, one company continues to demonstrate their commitment to holistic skin rejuvenation. Crown Aesthetics (Dallas, Texas), pioneers of new innovations, is defining a new category of Accelerate Healing and Minimize Downtime with Biome-Boosted Microneedlingskin biome care with their patented BIOJUVE™ paired with SkinPen® for optimal skin remodeling, while accelerating healing and minimizing downtime.

“Xycrobe™ Technology in BIOJUVE is an innovative approach to enhancing skin health and quality by leveraging the power of skin-native, beneficial microbes,” explained board-certified dermatologist Doris Day, MD (New York, N.Y.). “Using the power of a living bacteria derived from a unique strain of C. acnes defendens, Xycrobes optimize the skin’s ecosystem to maximize skin health both on and below the surface of the skin. Introducing this living microbe to the existing skin ecosystem helps curate the right strains of microbes for visible improvements in clarity, tone and discoloration.”

According to Dr. Day, combining SkinPen treatments with the application of BIOJUVE pre and post treatment optimizes the skin’s healing process and improves the overall rejuvenating effects, which are confirmed with clinical studies. “Crown Laboratories’ clinical study published in the Journal of Cosmetic and Aesthetics Dermatology recently showed significant improvement in overall aesthetic appearance and downtime. This is after in-office SkinPen microneedling treatments when patients used a BIOJUVE biome care leading up to and following their treatments,” Dr. Day reported.

Suneel Chilukuri, MD, director of cosmetic surgery at Refresh Dermatology (Houston, Texas) has played a key role in advancing cosmetic dermatology in order to help patients achieve their skin goals. “The mechanical trauma of the SkinPen stimulates the proper inflammatory response with fibroblastic activity to improve collagen and elastin production,” he said.

Before (left), after treatment with BIOJUVE (center), and after treatment with BIOJUVE paired with SkinPen (right) Photos courtesy of Leslie Fletcher, NP-BC“Xycrobe technology feeds the fibroblasts for an improved healing response by delivering Bioessentials™ like proteins, polypeptides, fatty acids and antioxidants to optimize skin health and vitality. The combination study conducted by Crown Laboratories showed significantly faster healing.” Leslie Fletcher, NP-BC (Torrance, Calif.) shared that the living Xycrobe Technology within BIOJUVE implants into the skin allowing it to work 24 hours a day. “Xycrobes engraft themselves into the pores to protect and benefit the skin by offering positive gene expression into the cells. Xycrobes come in the bottle as dormant, dehydrated, encapsulated cells until they are hydrated with the activating mist,” Mrs. Fletcher explained. “Chronic inflammation in the skin leads to premature aging, an increase in redness, oil production and scarring, manifesting themselves as wrinkles. Xycrobes lead to a smoother and less ruddy skin tone.”

Mrs. Fletcher added that Xycrobes thrive on sebum and are not annihilated by extraneous antimicrobials, allowing them to address a wide range of skin concerns, including the reduction of the appearance of coarse wrinkles and fine lines. “Benefits that occur with BIOJUVE include an improvement in the appearance of texture and tone that is essentially coming from the patient’s own healthy biome,” she clarified.

Crown Laboratories’ latest clinical results confirm the outcome of SkinPen and BIOJUVE, reinforcing the idea that a balanced skin biome allows for optimal skin remodeling. “Treatment with SkinPen, complemented with BIOJUVE, allows us to harness the power of the skin biome, resulting in more value for our patients,” concluded Dr. Chilukuri.

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