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4PLUS system offers novel application of RF technology

Article-4PLUS system offers novel application of RF technology


Applying radiofrequency (RF)-based technology in novel ways to address common skin improvement and body contouring indications, Novaclinical 4PLUS from Novavision Group SpA (Misinto, Italy), is ideal for practices and medspas looking to provide patients with a variety of safe, comfortable and effective treatment options for the face and body.

“4PLUS treats signs of cutaneous aging such as skin laxity, striae distensae and wrinkles by stimulating fibroblasts and collagen production,” said Elena Fasola, M.D., director of GyPlast Medical Institute in Milano, Italy. “Lipolytic effects can be initiated as well, depending on how it is used.”

As its name suggests, 4PLUS features four integrated technologies harnessing the power of RF. Dynamic Quadripolar Radiofrequency (DQRF) focuses RF energy at different levels in skin using a self-guided system that carefully manages emission to maximize efficacy and safety. “The energy reaches deep into tissue to enhance local cellular metabolism and stimulate lipolysis without burning because of how well energy transmission is managed,” Dr. Fasola explained.

Variable Radiofrequency (VRF) features a range of pre-set frequencies for focused deep thermal effects without epidermal heating, which can be used as a stand-alone therapy or synergistically with DQRF.

“Thanks to the continuous movement of electric charges between the poles, which behave as receivers and transmitters, the device uses relatively low energy with DQRF to deliver safe treatment, without any risk of burns. Nevertheless, it is very effective on the tissue layer that you want to treat, especially in combination with VRF technology, which enables you to selectively focus the action on the targeted tissue layer,” Dr. Fasola stated.

With 32 gold-plated pins, each having 12 contact points, the Radiofrequency Fractional Handle (4RFH) has 384 possible transmission points whose action is configured by dedicated software. Each pin is pressure calibrated to send RF energy past the stratum corneum.

Needled Fractional Radiofrequency (4NFR) also features 32 gold-plated pins and reaches deep to layers that usually require surgery to affect, Dr. Fasola noted. “These technologies are particularly good for facial wrinkles and stretch marks on the body.” Removable tips for both handpieces are autoclavable.

Ultra Pulsed Radioporation (UPR) is a modulation of DQRF that facilitates penetration of topicals, Dr. Fasola expressed. “The introduction of UPR represents an important upgrade, allowing infiltration of actives that normally cannot be absorbed by the skin easily, such as hyaluronic acid, lipolytic agents and vitamins. With this technology we can enhance results achieved with DQRF.”

“Skin tone is visibly improved after the first session,” Dr. Fasola reported. “Normally it is sufficient to treat skin laxity in four to seven sessions, localized fat in seven to ten sessions and wrinkles and striae in five to eight sessions with the fractional handpieces.”

The 4PLUS Radiofrequency Safety System (RSS) is what makes the device so safe. Onboard monitoring of electrodes, handpiece motion and skin temperature provides feedback used to automatically avoid overtreatment for safe, efficient energy transmission in any mode.

“This makes treatment safe and comfortable without anesthesia, and with no recovery time,” Dr. Fasola shared.

4PLUS is also excellent in combination with other modalities. According to Dr. Fasola, “4PLUS can help treat skin after liposuction, address laxity more powerfully with LED photodynamic therapy, work as an adjunct to a facial rejuvenation protocol, or be used with fillers and botulinum toxin. It also works well with carboxytherapy for the treatment of localized fat and cellulite.”