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Actress Molly Sims named brand ambassador for SoME PRP-based skincare

Article-Actress Molly Sims named brand ambassador for SoME PRP-based skincare

Sponsored by Aesthetics Biomedical

On the brink of a new era in home-based skincare, Aesthetics Biomedical, Inc. (Phoenix, Ariz.) has named model and actress Molly Sims as the brand ambassador for SoMETM Skincare. As the first product of its kind in the industry, SoME serum is created from autologous PRP and concentrated with a proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients that stabilize the PRP, providing patients with a top of the line skincare product for home use. Results with regular use of SoME are outstanding, as proven with third-party clinical studies, setting this product above even the highest tier of modern skincare products.

“We are so proud to welcome Molly Sims as brand ambassador for SoME Skincare,” said Sheldon Larson, chief marketing officer at Aesthetics Biomedical. “Not only is she an expert in all things beauty, but through her confidence in her own skin, she exemplifies what modern beauty means in her own unique way, which aligns perfectly with Aesthetics Biomedical’s first-ever PRP based skincare that’s all you.”

MaryAnn Guerra, Aesthetics Biomedical President and CEO, added: “We love that Molly truly believes that PRP is the future, so it was a natural fit to partner together in this capacity.”

Ms. Sims has appeared in the celebrated swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated, as well as in films and television series such as her role as Delinda Deline on NBC’s Las Vegas. Throughout not only her career, but her life, skincare has been a priority and passion for Molly. The Aesthetic Guide sat down with Molly to learn more about her interest in skincare and her new role as the SoME Brand Ambassador.

Q: Describe your interest in skincare and how you first learned about SoME.

A: I’ve always been obsessed with skincare. At a young age my momma taught me the importance of taking care of my skin. She used to lather herself with castor oil and let me tell you... it works! I feel like we’re in an era where people are sharing what they do for their skin and it’s refreshing. I’m a firm believer in investing in some hero products that truly work rather than a 10-step system – momma doesn’t have time for that!

Q: Describe your own personal experience with SoME. Where did you first hear about SoME skincare?

A: I first heard about SoME while receiving a VivaceTM microneedling treatment (Aesthetics Biomedical) about one year ago. They were talking to me about a new take-home personalized product they were developing, and I told them that I needed it since I love PRP. I truly feel like it is the future! The first time I put the serum on my skin, I was hooked. It feels so luxurious. You definitely know when a product is really working. My skin feels and looks better than ever.

Q: In your experience, what separates SoME from other skincare products you’ve trusted?

A: No single product works for everyone and the key to great skincare is all about customization. I truly feel like SoME is the future of skincare as it takes advantage of your own growth factors. I’ve used so many skincare products and this is the first that I’ve ever experienced that is legitimately personalized and it has simplified my skincare routine. It blows my mind that Aesthetics Biomedical was able to create a base serum using my own PRP that delivers clinically proven results. The process takes almost no time at all. You go to your dermatologist or plastic surgeon, they draw and centrifuge your blood, put it in the serum and then you take it home to use for the next three months. It’s all in the name – this product is SoME.

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