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Cosmetic procedures, revisions boom in China

Article-Cosmetic procedures, revisions boom in China

Shanghai — Thousands of young Chinese women — and an increasing number of men — are choosing to have eyelid reconstruction, nasal-bridge augmentation or breast enlargements to improve their chances of landing better jobs, finding a mate or both, reports.

Young people in Chinese cities such as Shanghai grow up exposed to advertising posters and billboards picturing attractive men and women with Western features. even reports that in a Shanghai shop that sells Barbie dolls, clerks say Caucasian-looking Barbies sell well, but those with Asian features “just sit on the shelves.”

Surgeons at Shanghai Generation cosmetic surgery hospital alone perform about 40,000 procedures a year, according to the report.

The downside of the boom, however, is the risk. Industry reports say that over the past decade in China, more than 200,000 lawsuits have been filed for disfiguration after faulty cosmetic procedures, many of which take place in small clinics. reports that many procedures done at New Generation are correctional operations after surgeries gone wrong.

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