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British experts warn against 'designer dimples'

Article-British experts warn against 'designer dimples'

London — Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but many here think it has gone too far.

Fox News reports that cosmetic surgery experts are warning women against “dimpleplasty” surgery to make them look like dimpled 27-year-old British singer Cheryl Cole. Cosmetic surgeons reportedly are receiving rapidly increasing numbers of requests for the procedure.

Experts say the long-term effects of dimpleplasty are unknown. The procedure involves making a cut in skin around the mouth and stitching the underside of the skin to create a small depression. The suture holding the skin in place dissolves to leave the patient with a permanent scar to maintain the “dimple.”

Fox News quotes a spokesman for plastic surgery group SurgiCare as saying, “As the skin ages and loses elasticity, there is no telling how the scars will look as the face begins to droop. Designer dimples could become designer disasters within a matter of years.”

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