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Web site offering ‘free’ breast implants denounced by BAAPS

Article-Web site offering ‘free’ breast implants denounced by BAAPS

London — The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has denounced a Web site offering “free” breast implants, saying the site’s contents put women’s health at risk, reports London’s Daily Mail.

BAAPS officials say the U.S.-based Web site,, allows women to earn money for their surgical procedures by posting photos of themselves and chatting to men online. The association says the site is “degrading” and warns that it offers a totally inappropriate way of obtaining what should be a life-changing procedure.

Women who want to get cosmetic procedures but cannot afford them are encouraged by the site to use online interactive activity — such as sending personal messages, chatting one-on-one, sending “custom” photos and selling “personal items or gifts” — to “raise” the money. Male subscribers are allowed unrestricted access to all profiles and products offered by the female members.

The site claims there is no pressure for women to pose naked and that the only restriction to becoming a member is that they must be at least 18 years of age. The site also says that while it uses certified doctors in the United States to carry out the procedures, women are also allowed to use a doctor of their choice in the country where they live.

As reported in the Daily Mail, BAAPS President Douglas McGeorge says, “This is a wholly inappropriate way to proceed with what should be a serious decision made by a fully informed patient. The site’s promise that there are no right or wrong cases is frightening. Clearly there is no proper medical assessment of candidates, which at best could lead to disappointment and at worst to someone’s health being endangered.”

The Daily Mail states that an average of one breast implant a month is paid for via the site, and that the site hopes to be facilitating one procedure a week.

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