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Procedure Description: Vaginoplasty, sometimes referred to as vaginal rejuvenation, is a procedure that can usually correct the problem of stretched vaginal muscles resulting from childbirth(s), and is a direct means of enhancing one’s sexual life once again.

At the time of surgery, your surgeon will join the stretched muscles at the back of the vagina and shorten with dissolvable stitches; the unwanted skin is then removed. This method helps to tighten the vaginal muscles and surrounding soft tissues through the reduction of excess vaginal lining. Vaginoplasty will restore a woman’s vagina by transforming supporting structures to a “pre-pregnancy” state.

Length of Procedure: The surgery is one to two hours.

Recovery: You may be sore and swollen directly following surgery. The patient is usually able to walk comfortably within a few days and may return to sexual activities within four to six weeks.

Risks: Surgical risks are few, but may include among others: infection, bleeding, and scarring.

Results: The procedure typically tones vaginal muscle, resulting in greater contraction strength and control, thereby permitting greater sensation during sexual experiences.

Estimated Cost: The cost ranges from $4500 to $8500.

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