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Upper Lip Lift

Article-Upper Lip Lift

Procedure Description: The upper lip lift is a procedure that elevates the position of the upper lip with respect to the teeth giving a broader smile. The amount of pink lip that is seen is also increased giving the patient wider lips.

The lip lift procedure may be done in the office under local anesthesia with minimal discomfort. An incision is placed directly beneath the nose and a small strip of skin and tissue is removed. The lip is elevated to its new position exposing about 1/8-inch of teeth and permanently increasing the volume of the pink part of the lip.

Length of Procedure: The procedure takes about ninety minutes.

Recovery: The sutures are usually removed after a week.

Risks: The risks are similar to those seen with any minor cosmetic surgery, such as infection, excessive bleeding or asymmetrical results.

Results: The overall result of the lip lift is a more aesthetically pleasing mouth with a youthful appearance. The patient satisfaction rate is very high. The teeth will show more and the patient almost always looks happier and relaxed.

Estimated Cost: The cost ranges from $1500-$2500.

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