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Turn patients into raving fans

Article-Turn patients into raving fans

Turn patients into raving fans

You have a subset of cosmetic patients who love you. They are your cheerleaders and tell others about you every chance they get. The beauty (pun intended) is these patients are loyal to you. They wouldn’t dream of leaving you for a lower-priced competitor because they trust you and the results you deliver.

And you like them. They are nice to your staff, don’t complain and bring positive energy to your day. So, how do you fill up your practice with more of them? 

The secret is easy; make them feel special because they are. Here are three ways to turn your patients into raving fans:

Create an aesthetic advisory board

Corporate businesses have an advisory board to guide them and you should too. Select 25 of your best cosmetic patients to be on your board and invite them to advisory board dinner meetings held twice per year. 

Have them bring a friend that is new to your practice to each meeting. You give a short presentation on what’s new in the world of cosmetic surgery, and show lots of before/after photos. 

You thank them for coming and tell them you appreciate their loyalty and would like ideas to grow your practice organically with other patients just like them. Follow this with a brief brainstorming session to tap into who and what they know. 

To show your appreciation give the board members a fun goody bag and give their guest a $100 Get-to-Know-Us gift card to experience your practice and report their findings and feedback to you. 

VIP program

Select the top 100-200 cosmetic patients in your database and send them a VIP card. Include a letter informing them that they have been selected as a VIP patient, which includes perks others don’t receive. 

Be creative with the VIP perk offerings, such as:

- Last minute Botox appointments

- 10% savings on skincare products

- Valet parking

- A free monthly peel

This VIP card should only be good for that year and then re-evaluated the following year based on their usage. 

A thank you gift

Always, thank your patients anytime they refer a friend, give you a great review, agree to a video testimonial and/or anything else they do to help promote you. 

This gift needs to be impressive so they show and tell their friends, upload it to their social media channels, and brag about it in the community. This is money well spent.

About the author

Catherine Maley, MBA
Ms. Maley has been an author, speaker, consultant and trainer for the cosmetic industry since 2000. Her mission is to help cosmetic practices attract and convert more cosmetic patients via creative marketing strategies and training staff to be conversion rock stars. 

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