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Rhinoplasty patients display more personality disorders

Article-Rhinoplasty patients display more personality disorders

New York — Research out of Iran suggests that people who undergo cosmetic rhinoplasty may suffer from more than just less-than-attractive noses, according to a recent story published in the New York Post.

Reporting on a study involving 66 people — mostly women — who sought cosmetic rhinoplasty procedures at an Iranian hospital, the Post story states that patients who opted for rhinoplasty often displayed personality abnormalities such as obsessiveness, hypochondria and depression.

According to the study, the rhinoplasty patients showed more “negative” personality traits than did a control group. Of those who underwent rhinoplasty, 23 percent were labeled “obsessive,” 20 percent were prone to hypochondria, and 8 percent were diagnosed with depression.

The Iranian researchers concluded that “because of the Islamic mode of dressing for women practiced in Iran, which only leaves their faces exposed, rhinoplasty has seemingly become the most favorite plastic procedure in Iran in recent years.”

The Iranian study appeared in a recent issue of the journal Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery.

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