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Privacy Policy Medica

Effective date:  June 11, 2012

UBM Medica LLC ("UBM Medica") offers conferences, medical information, and related offerings to medical professionals. We publish this privacy policy to let you know what data we collect about you as an individual professional, how we use that data, and what choices you have.

This privacy policy covers all "personal" data we collect about you from face to face and virtual conferences and meetings, websites, email campaigns, and print publications. "Personal" data means data which identifies you as an individual and reflects your individual use of our products and services. It is data about you as a medical professional. Please note that a separate privacy policy covers our websites directed to consumers. If you are uncertain about which privacy policy applies to a particular website or web page, consult the privacy link at the bottom of the web page.

Please note that you may choose to publish your personal information and your views in various of our online venues, for example, online communities, forums or virtual events. This Policy does not protect your public disclosures.

Information We Collect About You
We collect the following data about you:

▪ Information you give us about yourself, including data about your professional credentials and practice, when you register for or subscribe to any of our events, services or resources, register with us through a UBM Medica Network site or contact us directly. We may use medical or other databases to update or complete certain information about you.

▪ If you are a medical doctor, we may ask the American Medical Association to verify your medical credentials. For more information about the AMA's own privacy practices, please click

▪ Once you register we create an account for you, adding data about how you use and interact with our events, products, services, resources and email campaigns.

We also use common Internet data collection technologies to collect data: We use "cookies" and associated web beacons. A cookie is simply a piece of code which is placed on your personal computer to recognize the computer as it accesses our websites. Many cookies are not "personal" cookies in that they are not associated with you as an identified individual.

▪ We recognize or verify who is accessing our websites or content areas that require registration and so, may place "personal" cookies on your pc. We may also use this cookie to understand your interests and put you in touch with third parties that we expect will have additional information relevant to your interests.

▪ Some but not all of our websites include online advertising. Cookies are also used to serve such advertising or content. We may display ads on our own sites on a personally identifiable basis. We allow other companies, called third party ad servers, to serve ads that appear on our sites as well. Please see the information under "Your Choices" for details about online advertising.

Finally, we collect log data, including IP, or Internet Protocol, addresses used to access our websites, and other routine information about your browser and pc capabilities. We use this data to administer our systems. We or third party ad servers may use the information to limit the number of times you see a particular ad, to target information or ads on a geographic basis or to display ads in the format best matched to your pc's capabilities. We do not associate this log and technical capabilities data with your account in the routine course of our business.

How We Use Information About You
Our primary business is to organize events and communities and provide respected information for medical professionals. We use data about you as an individual medical professional to:

▪ Provide the events, services, and resources you request and manage your account.

▪ Manage the services, particularly registration for certain websites, that require us to know who you are when you are online.

▪ Display or deliver content, ours and other companies’, to you based on your professional needs and interests.

▪ Contact you by email and postal mail about offerings from our business partners directed to your professional interests and areas of specialization. Please note that these emails may list either us or the partner in the "from" line. In either case, your name and contact information are not disclosed to the partner unless and until you contact or respond to the partner directly.

▪ Invite you to participate in surveys and professional discussions.

▪ Virtual Trade Shows: The platforms that UBM Medica uses to provide virtual trade shows will place a session cookie on your personal computer when you register for the event. We connect this session cookie with the registration information you provide to us for the event. The cookie is used to manage participation in the event, for certain other purposes, including if you choose to participate in our contests, and to track your visits if you choose to visit exhibitors’ booths or special sponsored sessions. If you disable or delete the session cookie, you will be bounced from the event. UBM Medica may also pass your registration data to any exhibitor if you visit that exhibitor's booth or sponsored section.

▪ To offer you the opportunity to connect with your colleagues and with other companies that may be of interest to you.

▪ Any other purpose which we disclose when you give the information to us.

Your Choices
You have a choice about and control over:

Connecting directly with other companies for marketing purposes.
In addition to providing you with our own editorial content, we offer you the opportunity to access others’ branded content and product information. When you choose to take advantage of that content or information, you choose to have your name and contact details transferred to that other company. We will put you in direct contact with other companies when you choose to:

▪ Access sponsored or co-sponsored content on those portions of our web sites that require registration.

▪ Register for a specific web cast, online event, newsletter, online resource, or other offering which is sponsored or co-sponsored by another company.

▪ Register for a virtual event with a number of exhibitors. We may give your name and contact details to all exhibitors and give the exhibitors whose booths and resources you access a record of your visits.

▪ Register for or attend a special sponsored sessions at a face to face event.

Please note: Sponsors may ask us to display their ads targeted to you on our web sites. In those instances, you may choose whether to respond by clicking on the link within the ad. Clicking on that link will connect you directly to the sponsor’s web pages and information.

Please note: career fairs, whether face to face or online, may be covered by a separate policy or policies.

Making information you provide public.

▪ Our online event venues also require that you register and allow you to have both public and closed communications with exhibitors and other participants. Information that identifies you will be published or shared according to your choices for that venue.

▪ We create online membership communities that allow you to publish your profile and post information and content. These communities provide privacy controls so that you can control how much of your profile and other information to make public or to share with others within the community. As a professional, you remain responsible for locating the privacy controls (usually available on the page from which you can edit your profile), understanding how those controls, including default settings, work and protecting the information you provide. Your profile will remain visible to the community unless and until you withdraw from the community AND contact the community’s HELP desk to request that your profile be hidden.

Receiving email marketing messages from us. 
To remove your name from our email marketing lists, please follow the directions at the bottom of the email.

Whether your account information is up to date.
 Please help us keep your account current.

▪ You may update your name, contact information, credentials, and specializations at any time by

▪submitting updated information as you register for something you have not used before,

▪returning to a registration page you have used and following the directions there, or

▪sending us an email at [email protected].

    ▪ To cancel or update subscriptions to print publications call the number listed in the magazine or check the website associated with the publication.

    Deleting or disabling cookies.
     To delete or disable cookies:

    ▪ You may use the tools in your Internet browser to delete cookies, ours as well as any other company's, at any time.

    ▪ However, we will not be able to offer you online events or career fairs unless you accept personal cookies for the duration of your time within the event or fair.

    ▪ You have a choice to accept our "persistent" cookies which are set if you choose automatic recognition for registration-only websites. If you disable that cookie for any particular registration-only site, you may still access that site but will need to enter your name and password each time.

    Some but not all of our websites include online ads served by third parties. We do not control the cookies that other companies and their third party ad servers use to display ads to you on our websites.

    ▪ We currently allow the following third party ad servers to place those ads: DoubleClick (, Atlas (, MediaPlex (, Pointroll (, Eyeblaster (, and Bizo ( Please visit their websites for more information about the technologies they use, their privacy practices, and the choices each offers.

    ▪ Many of the third party ad serving companies that serve ads to our websites are members of the Network Advertising Initiative ( The NAI offers useful information and a single place to turn off ad serving from all its members.

    Online advertising technologies and practices, including behavioral advertising, are evolving. We may add to this list of third party servers from time to time without changing the effective date on this policy. Please check here periodically.

    Disclosure of Information About You
    We do not otherwise disclose information about you to others except:

    ▪ to publish the names of speakers and attendees at our face to face events,

    ▪ to investigate potential unauthorized access or misuse of our services,

    ▪ to protect our assets or rights,

    ▪ in response to valid legal process,

    ▪ to vendors that process data on our behalf, or

    ▪ as part of a merger or an acquisition by or other transfer to a third party of some or all of our business assets.

    Children Under 13
    Our services are directed to medical professionals or, in the case of SearchMedica, adults with a need to research professional-level medical literature. Our websites and services are not intended for children 13 or under.

    We use reasonable administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect personal information against theft, loss, or misuse. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet or storage can be guaranteed to be 100 percent secure. As a result, while we strive to protect information about you and your professional interests, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you submit to us, and you do so at your own risk. You remain responsible for protecting your user name and passwords and for the security of information in transit to us over the Internet.

    Changes to This Policy
    We may change the provisions of this policy from time to time and urge you to check back here periodically. Your continued use of any of the websites or pages within the scope of this policy will be your acceptance of the version of the policy in place at the time of your visit.

    Contact Us
    If you have questions about this policy or its use, please contact us at [email protected].

    UBM Medica LLC
    General Counsel
    150 West 30th Street 20th Floor
    New York, NY 10001