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Readers' choices will guide an upcoming issue of CST this fall

Article-Readers' choices will guide an upcoming issue of CST this fall

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  • YOU will be the center of CST's first-ever completely user-generated issue this fall on "Best Practices."

Teresa McNulty
HOT ON THE HEELS OF LAST MONTH'S SPECIAL REPORT ON SOCIAL MEDIA, this is a not-quite-engraved invitation to you to take the next step in your newly expanded "reach." YOU will be the center of CST's first-ever completely User-Generated Issue this Fall on "Best Practices."

In the truest tradition of our pledge to you to be the forum "where the exchange on aesthetic perspective begins," we want this to consist entirely of "readers' choice" — your best ideas and light bulb moments.

Have you shot a YouTube video on your most innovative technique? Recorded an audio blog on what you're doing to keep staff spirits up in your practice? How about an excerpt from your blog on what marketing pearl has really panned out for you despite the economy? Snapped stellar before and after pix that wowed 'em at the last congress? This is your issue to share and shine!

Send us your "Best Practices" — in whatever media you prefer — and we'll feature them both in print and on the CST web site and get the forum for comments on your ideas lit up.

If you think you've figured out better, faster, smarter, quicker, cheaper — step into the limelight of the new media.

Put "Best Practices" in your subject line to
We'll go viral with it!

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