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Plastic surgery channel launches on Apple TV

Article-Plastic surgery channel launches on Apple TV

Apple TV recently launched The Plastic Surgery Network app.

The Plastic Surgery Network is the first content-driven, on-demand television channel on Apple TV. Those who download the free app can access videos, podcasts and other cosmetic surgery and beauty- related content, as well as submit photos, videos or questions for providers, while watching their TV screens. Viewers also can search for and rate providers using the app, according to The Plastic Surgery Network .

Apple TV has sold more than 20 million Apple TV 4K units (pictured).

The plan is to add more options for viewers in the next year, including a virtual consultation room complete with a personal care coordinator who interacts with the viewer, according to a report on

Apple TV has sold more than 20 million units, each selling for less than $200 on Apple TV 4K streams live sports and news and offers content from apps like Netflix, Hulu, and ESPN, according to Apple.

It remains to be seen whether The Plastic Surgery Network app will make waves in Apple TV’s lineup. The Plastic Surgery Network doesn’t appear have a big provider base. A zip code search on November 15 in areas known as cosmetic surgery hubs revealed seven providers in New York and New Jersey and two near Beverly Hills, California, but none in Palm Beach County, Fla.

Dr. Truswell"This is an interesting concept. I can see its appeal in the ever increasingly high-tech world we live in. I think all patients should be educated in all aspects of their medical care. In the case of facial plastic surgery, this is as important as the procedure and outcome,” says William H. Truswell, president of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and a Massachusetts-based facial plastic surgeon.

But its doctor-patient relationship-building power is limited, according to Dr. Truswell.

“The relationship of the facial plastic/plastic surgeon and the patient is a highly personal one. I am a facial plastic surgeon. What I offer my patients is the opportunity to have me take scissors and scalpel, cut their faces and change the way they look. I carry that thought with me in my work,” Dr. Truswell says. “The patient gives the surgeon her/his trust and faith to perform these procedures to make them look better, keep risks low, avoid complications in a gentle and efficient manner. This relationship, in my opinion, is best done in a personal consultation — face-to-face, with patience, in a gentle and calming manner. I don't believe that can be accomplished with virtual reality in such a personal way."

For providers who want to sign up to be part of The Plastic Surgery Network, prices start at $300, after a one month trial period.

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