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Implant Predictions in the US Market: A 2014 Report

Article-Implant Predictions in the US Market: A 2014 Report

Is the US market for aesthetic implants on the decline? Yes and no, according to the Decision Resources Group, who recently announced their Medtech 360 report, “US Markets for Nonbreast Aesthetic Implants 2014.”

With exception to the growing demand for implants for breast augmentation procedures, the group predicts in a recent press release that the demand for facial and body contouring implants in the US market will continue decline with the growing availability of non-implant options, such as injectable fillers and fat transfer. The group cites patient aversion to the more invasive and permanent nature of implant procedures, as well as the more natural-looking results that can be achieved using fat for body contouring versus implants.

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According to Kristina Vidug, analyst for Decision Resources Group, negative press may also deter some patients from specific procedures even though they may be well regulated. Referencing buttock implants she said, “Implant volumes will also be limited by negative press coverage of other augmentation procedures, particularly gluteal augmentations with unapproved materials. Illegal gluteal injections often have severe adverse results, and--unfortunately--the media tends to confuse these procedures with gluteal implants.”

Other reported findings include:

  • Face and body implant numbers are on the decline at similar rates. While dermal fillers have become a preferred augmentation option for lips, for example, so too has fat transfer become preferred for the Brazilian Buttock Augmentation over implants. 
  • More than 90% of implant revenues, excluding breast, are generated by the well-established facial implant category.
  • Because there is no alternative for augmenting the chin, use of implants for the chin and mandibular are will grow.
  • Implant-related complications, including capsular contracture, malposition, displacement and palpability, create dissatisfied patients, which in turn, make implants undesirable for physicians.
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